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Girls in the Gym… or Not?

Written by Jessica Shelburne The gym is a place where muscle is built, tension is released, growth occurs, and gains are made. It is not a place for people to go to judge or compete with others, though it sometimes feels that way. It is an unfortunate, yet truthful, fact that some women are unwilling to go to the gym because they are unsure how to use equipment or feel bulldozed by the men there. This is not true for all women, but for others it is a real issue.  The Belk Fitness Center is complete with an abundance of different machines and exercise equipment. While it is beneficial to have this huge variety, it is a rather small area for everything that is packed in there, which can make it difficult to navigate. Plus, not all machines have detailed instructions, and it can feel embarrassing to not know how to use a machine when lots of people are around, skillfully pounding away on something else. Between my freshman and sophomore years, I went to the gym probably less than 10 times for these exact reasons. My workouts were seldom useful because I couldn’t find space between grunting men or had trouble efficiently utilizing machines. So many others have similar experiences. Senior Kasey Martin says she usually sticks to the cardio machines or simpler equipment. “I don’t know too many exercises and don’t want to get in the way of others that have a routine or actually know what they’re doing,” Martin said. Sophomore Lindsay Chambers would agree, stating, “It’s hard not knowing what you’re doing when everyone around you seems to have experience.” Although it is seldom discussed, lots of people avoid going to the gym because they feel out of place or overwhelmed. Even some individuals who do…

RC Recap

Cross Country: In the ODAC Championships, the Maroons competed in a race with 12 other schools. The men finished in 4th place and the women rolled in just after at 5th place. On November 16th, both teams will run in the NCAA South/Southeast Regional at Rhodes College. Field Hockey: The Field Hockey team (12-7, 4-4 ODAC) have advanced to the semifinals of the ODAC tournament. After an overtime goal secured the victory over Randolph-Macon, the Maroons will face Lynchburg on Friday the 8th at 4:30 for a chance at a title run. Men’s Soccer: Men’s Soccer (14-1-3, 5-1-2 ODAC) is continuing their win streak in the ODAC tournament as they have booked a ticket to the semi-finals. They play Washington and Lee on Friday the 8th at 6:30 in hopes for their roll to continue into the final round. Women’s Soccer: The Women’s Soccer team (13-6-1, 7-3 ODAC) was eliminated from the ODAC tournament in the quarterfinals when they suffered a close 2-1 overtime loss to Bridgewater. The Maroons averaged 1.65 goals per game this season. Volleyball: Women’s Volleyball (14-15, 6-6 ODAC) season ended with a loss to Virginia Wesleyan in the quarterfinals of the ODAC tournament. On the season, the Maroons averaged 11.28 kills per set, 10.36 assists per set, 1.10 blocks per set, 2.07 aces per set, and 16.20 digs per set. Swimming: Connor Kinkema and Kimberly Large have earned the ODAC men’s and women’s swimmer of the week honor, respectively. The women compete against Hollins on November 9th and the men will be tested against Emory and Henry on the 16th.

Stat Stars

Written by Garrett Ruggieri Linsey Bailey ODAC Quarterfinals vs. Virginia Weslyen Outside Hitter Volleyball 11 Kills 2 Service Aces     Zach Behe Goalie Soccer 3 Saves Clean Sheet

It’s Okay To Not Know Your Future Plans

Written by Joyelle Ronan While spending my semester interning in DC, I’ve come to realize just how many careers exist. Just in my major alone, there are so many cool communications jobs from journalism to social media coordinator. It both excites and scares me. How do I know if I’m picking the best one? I just want to experience them all, smorgasbord style. While applying to a lot of similar types of internships, I decided to apply to one out of my comfort zone. I ended up choosing the one that I knew was going to challenge me and I haven’t looked back. Did I agonize over the decision and annoy everyone with my indecisiveness? Yes. But that’s not what really matters. What truly matters is that sometimes you need to try new things in order to learn about yourself, even if it’s difficult. Let’s just say that I had made the wrong choice, that this internship was simply horrific. Well, I would have been one step closer to knowing what I don’t want to do. Sure, I would have spent the semester slowly dying from 9-5, but I would know not to do it again. Internships are the equivalent of wearing a shirt but keeping the tags on so you can return it. Except less morally ambiguous and you can put it on a resume. If you’re thinking about testing out a career but not quite ready to commit to an internship, try a job shadow. Talk to career services about getting set up with one of Roanoke’s fabulous alums and moonlight for the day. This is a great option because it requires very little of you. It’s basically just internet stalking someone but in real life and with permission. Luckily, being in college allows for exploration. Despite how…

Kanye West Finally Releases “Jesus is King”

Written by Jessica Shelburne On Oct. 25, Kanye West finally released the long-awaited album ‘Jesus is King.’ The album missed two initial release dates in Sept. and Nov. of 2018, followed by an indefinite delay. In late Sept. of this year, the album was reintroduced as “Jesus is King” and set to release on the 29 but didn’t until about a month later.  It was worth the wait. This album offers a completely refreshed version of Kanye both as an artist and as a believer. The songs are complete with heavy beats and light instrumental supplements, thick harmonies, and thought-provoking lyrical composure and biblical references. Previous albums included highlights of his Christian faith, but this album in its entirety illuminates his belief in the Highest, along with nods to his past and a glimpse at his future. Kanye meshes gospel and rap, sultry choral tones and spoken word, and bass and saxophone in a way that feels altogether uplifting in a unique structure that Kanye repeatedly achieves. Concept albums are typically underwhelming, but this album inspires a consuming message of fellowship and spiritual health. Kanye claims that the purpose of the album is to encourage conversion of non-believers, but it is really just a stepping stone for that journey, as nothing except the mercy of the Lord can bring a human to glory.

Take Back the Night Offers Support and Hope

Written by Lorin Brice Hall On Thursday, Nov. 7, the Roanoke College Health Education Awareness Team (HEAT) and Student Health and Counseling hosted their annual Take Back The Night event from 7 through 10 p.m. on the patio in front of the Colket Center.  “This event is one of the most influential and meaningful projects we host all year. It really emphasizes how serious we, as a campus, take this issue and we encourage every and all students to stand with us to help end the stigma and support  the true heroes and survivors,” said Donovan Hill, a junior and RC HEAT peer educator.  Take Back The Night is an organization that works to uplift survivors of assault and violence. According to their website, “[their] mission as a charitable 501(c)3 Foundation is to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events and initiatives. [They] seek to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all forms of sexual violence.”  “Take Back the Night takes place one day a year, but sexual violence takes place 365 days a year. I believe coming to support friends, family, and yourself is so important in showing that ‘No means No,’” said Emily Macleod, a junior and member of RC HEAT. “It’s important because sexual assault is something a lot of people don’t talk about, because it’s not like a car accident where you can take steps to try to avoid it. With a car accident, you can make sure you drive sober and buckle your seatbelt; but with sexual assault, you can’t change your outfit and be protected. [Some] survivors hide if they have been assaulted, because they are afraid of not being believed or are afraid of being blamed,” said Tiffany-Reece Pires, a member of HEAT who organized this year’s…

Humans of RC: Emilee O’Dell

Emilee O’Dell is one of this campus’s confirmed movers and shakers. Everyone who knows this Religious Studies major knows she is someone who adds to the value of this campus. This incredible junior, who was a lovely Mrs. Incredible for Halloween, is known to all her many friends and acquaintances as a responsible, vibrant person who will get the job done! Emilee is almost always seen with a bright smile, so I naturally had to ask her what she thinks one of her favorite memories of college has been! Her response goes, “I don’t know off the top of my head. A good portion of my happiest memories seem to be related to food like my last-minute drives to Chipotle on Sundays or walks to Mac and Bob’s when I crave a Boston zone calzone.” Besides being a compassionate person, Emilee is also a busy person. She is currently finishing her term as the President of the Student Government Association (She began her term in spring 2019). When asked about what prompted her run for office she said, “Well, it’s kind of a cheesy story but during SIM day before freshman year I heard about Roanoke’s SGA. I had been involved in SGA during high school and wanted to continue working to help others on a larger scale. Thus after hearing about SGA, I sort of made a mental note that I should be apart of the organization and eventually run for President. Then last December I made the impulsive decision, with support of all my friends to actually run for the position. So, pretty much nothing prompted it per-say, it was always kind of a dream or goal, and I was a lucky enough individual to have so many people support me during my campaign that the outcome just…

RC Hosts Esteemed Indian Director, Producer

Written by Robby Mangum On Oct. 29, RC film buffs got a chance to eat dinner with Pankaj Rishi Kumar, an award-winning director, producer, and documentary maker from India. They then viewed one of his films. Students from both the screen studies concentration and sociology department were invited to this event at the Monterey House.  Kumar discussed his career over a meal of Commons’ best Indian food. He originally worked in Bollywood but quit after becoming discontent with the system. The first film he produced independently was about the theater his father had built, named ‘Kumar Talkies.’ This later became the name of Kumar’s film studio, which consists of he and one assistant. Titled Janani’s Juliet, the special screening that night chronicled a production group in India’s take on Romeo and Juliet. Throughout this production, the three women bidding to play Juliet were exploring what it means to be ‘in love,’ especially in the context of honor killings. Honor killings are acts of vengeance, usually death, committed by family members against female family members. Victims are perceived to have brought dishonour upon the family.. Janani’s Juliet discusses the murder of Kausalya Shankar’s husband by her family. Interviews with her form part of the documentary. 


Written by Caisi Calandra This article may be coming a little late to the party, but it still holds importance. Every year, Halloween comes and goes in a flurry of new Internet memes and youthful humor. But the older we get, the more our relationship with Halloween changes. Halloween sort of morphs into this holiday during which anything can happen, depending on your age and where you celebrate it. When you’re younger, Halloween’s are spent trick-or-treating with friends in costumes. But the older we get, the more intricate the holiday gets. People who have a passion for Halloween spend more time and money on costumes the older they get. And there are even days on which Halloween is celebrated, and it’s not even the 31 of October. There are more parties, more small events you might have to attend, or want to go to. Some people feel the need to come up with individual costumes for each event, and some don’t care. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Halloween is less like a day and more like a week — Halloweek, if you will. Next fall’s students will have the joy of celebrating Halloween on a Friday, and I don’t doubt for a second this rare occasion won’t be taken advantage of. Even though Halloween has its own special day, it’s interesting to see that this is one of the major holidays that grows up with you, in a way. Its celebrations and mischief-making totally depends on your age and who you’re friends with, being one of the only major holidays that focuses less on family (except for Valentine’s Day, of course). Halloween keeps getting better and bigger, keeps morphing into a holiday that requires you to change how you participate in it. And, surprisingly, even allows you to partake…

The Standards of College

Written by Laurel Moore There are many times throughout my life where I’ve felt as if I was always trying to live up to a standard. Whether it be comparing my grades to others or comparing things about myself to other people, I usually always end up feeling bad about myself at the end. At the age we are at, there are so many opinions to worry about and images to compare ourselves to, and we often lose sight of the big picture- doing/being something you love.  Regardless of what that might look like for you, one of the hardest lessons I had to learn was to be myself and be okay with where I am at in life. There are 7 billion people on this earth and there are so many ways we could compare different aspects of our lives to theirs.  If we take a step back and focus on our personal growth and personal happiness, then the world would be a more positive place. Even if that involves being a little selfish sometimes. That might include cutting certain people out of your life or changing career paths 16 times. Everyone is going through life at their own pace and that is what makes us all unique. Whatever is right for you and helps you be happy should be the only concern we should have.  This concept of self-focus is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things I have learned throughout my life, and I especially find it important on a college campus. If you focus on yourself and your growth and stop comparing yourself to others, you will see a more positive outcome with the things happening in your life.  So, take a deep breath and clear your mind of things that are hindering happiness because,…