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Congratulations to the Retiring Class of 2021

Written by Devon Mitchell As the Roanoke College Class of 2021 moves their tassels to the left side of their cap, some of their beloved professors will be graduating with them. RC will miss its retiring professors, but just like the graduating class, they will always be a part of the Roanoke community. The Business Administration and Economics Department (BUAD) will be retiring the most professors at the end of this semester. We say farewell to Dr. Garry Fleming, Dr. Christina McCart, and Dr. Elisabeth Gilster Velazquez. Thank you for teaching RC’s aspiring entrepreneurs and leading economists. The Health and Human Performance (HHP) Department will be saying goodbye to Mr. James Buriak. HHP will not be the same after Mr. Buriak leaves. Future teachers will surely miss Dr. Lisa Earp of the Education Department. Thank you, Dr. Earp, for teaching a future generation of educators. The English and Communications Studies Department will retire Dr. Martha Kuchar, a professor of English and Literature. Thank you, Dr. Kuchar, for your time at Roanoke. The History Department will say goodbye to Dr. Mark Miller. Thank you for molding the minds of future historians. Next, we say farewell to Dr. Lisa Warren of the Fine Arts Department. Thank you, Dr. Warren, for your time well spent in the Roanoke community. The Religion and Philosophy Department retires Dr. Paul Hinlicky, a professor of Religion. Thank you, Dr. Hinlicky, for your many years here at RC. Lastly, RC says goodbye to Dr. Harry Wilson of the Public Affairs Department. Thank you for teaching RC’s aspiring policymakers. To Roanoke’s retiring Class of 2021, congratulations and good luck. Enjoy retirement and don’t forget your home at Roanoke College.

22 Things… I Love and Will Miss from Roanoke College

Written by Kaelyn Spickler I am now a somewhat-freshly-22-year-old, and after a semester’s worth of eight lists with 22 bullet points, we have come to the end of the road. So, here are 22 things I love about Roanoke College, all of which I will miss dearly.  The lifelong friendships I have created.  The Communication Studies department that created a fun learning environment where I always felt cared for (both academically and personally).  Bread Board in Commons! The faculty and staff who started as mentors, and though they are still mentors, also became friends.  Seeing President and Mrs. Maxey on their daily walks.  Watching the sunset when coming out of dinner in Colket or while running on the treadmill in Cregger.  Sitting outside of Cavern to do homework in the afternoons. Cheering on RC sports. Go, Maroons!  Friday on the quad. Having Olde Salem be a 0.3 mile walk away.  Sunny days in Sunny Salem. The soft M&M cookies served in Commons every once and awhile.  Serving as a peer mentor for first-year students.  Mac ‘N Bobs beer cheese with pita bread… sorry I’m not a huge calzone girl. President’s Ball. I mean how often do you have the opportunity to dress up in the “real world?”  Hosting a blind dating show! Bingo- the game I probably won’t play again for 50+ more years. The pink blooms on the trees in the spring. Being part of the Salem community and scoping out the tables at Olde Salem Days. Chef Jacob’s omelets. Fun fact, I hadn’t EVER had an omelet until my sophomore year of college, so thank you Chef Jacob.  Having the opportunity to meet new people and getting to know them quickly because of the close knit atmosphere.  The Brackety-Ack advisors, editorial team, and reporter staff and themed layouts!

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Written by Zoe Manoukian Well, Roanoke, it’s been a tough year! As my time here comes to a close and I reflect on my college experience, that’s the word that keeps coming to mind—tough.  College is truly a unique time and a time that surely poses trials and tribulations of all shapes and sizes for nearly everyone. Such has been the case throughout the past two semesters, especially. Years of late nights, long hours, and frantic juggling between my school, work, family, and personal life have taught me grit, determination, and drive. I was prepared then to head into the school year strong-willed and set on overcoming the challenges posed by COVID. That is—until I got COVID.  I, unfortunately, was one of the unluckier students to have gotten ill. I spent almost the entirety of my winter break in and out of the hospital, trying and failing to diagnose the persisting GI complications and electrolyte imbalances that COVID brought to me. Five months down the road, I then became one of the unlucky 10% to have faced long-haul complications, and as a result, had to miss approximately one month of class and work.  Trying desperately to remember the grit that I thought I had learned here, I spent about two weeks frantically doing all that I could to make up the month of studying and essay writing that I didn’t do, and that’s when I finally accepted that as important as the drive to succeed is, so too is the ability to slow down and breathe.  I am not thankful by any means to have gotten COVID, but I am thankful for the lessons that it brought me. I am thankful that I am starting to learn how to be gentle and forgiving with myself; I am reminded that every…

The Class of 2021 Joins the Media Arts Hall of Fame

Written by Joyelle Ronan The Class of 2021 Student Activity Media Arts Hall of Fame will be inducting eight seniors to have their picture and accomplishments hang on the wall in the Garrett Student Media Lounge. They will join 28 student honorees who have contributed to the legacy of media arts at Roanoke College through Student Activities. The 2015 inaugural class of six students included student filmmaker, Steph Spector ’16, who wrote, directed and produced the college’s first film, “Daylily Day,” which went on to screen at four New York film festivals, and Nick Norris ’17, the Assistant Program Director at WRKE, who designed the new WRKE radio station in the Colket Atrium. The Hall of Fame Award was created to encourage the growth of independent student media projects and productions at Roanoke College to enhance student life. The award is given to students who have produced a body of work with the creative and productive contribution coming from two or three major projects, events, programs or positions, or played a role in a major project. Students in the Media Arts Hall of Fame have demonstrated their skills and hard work through activities such as writing and directing short films for the annual Basically Tarantino Film Festival, hosting shows on WRKE Radio, creating events and programming on MaroonTube, as well as writing and editing for the Brackety-Ack. This year’s inductees are a talented group of student media leaders and award-winning student filmmakers: Senn Boswell for Broadcasting, Events, and Media Technology; Zach Dalton for Radio, Film, Writing, Hosting and Broadcasting; Tara Hrdlick for Hosting and Performing; Chelsea Marcombe for Media & Marketing and Video Production; Shakil Persad for Photography, Video Production and Media & Marketing; Kaillee Philleo for Film, Radio, Video Production and Media & Marketing; Joyelle Ronan for Film, Radio,…

Our Graduating Athletes

Written by Alexis Barton After four years and four successful seasons, we are proud to recognize the following graduating senior athletes: Men’s and Women’s Cross Country: Zach Dalton, Turner Jordan, Allie Barthol, Kasey Fairbanks, Abbey Packard Men’s Basketball: Max Menzel Women’s Basketball: Megan Wheeler, Kristina Harrel, Kayla Kinsler, Jayla Faison Field Hockey: Lauren Heffron, Kaylee Collison, Mallory Wainwright Golf: Evan Diebus, Henry Schneider Men’s Lacrosse: Matt Federau, Patrick Cline, Sam Balch, George Gilbert, Griffin Buck, Brady Clark, Anthony Beccaria Women’s Lacrosse: Jenna Kuczo, Frances Sefcik, Maggie Lewis, Ellie Armstrong, Carly Schoudel Softball: Brooke Trapuzzano, Kendall Penn Men’s Soccer: Anthony Wisdo, Philani Mlotshwa, Chuckie Tenbusch, Chris Pikunas (Dec. 2020), Ben Boone (Dec. 2020) Women’s Soccer: Lucy Perry, Ellie Schad, Tessa Walsh Swimming: Logan Cale, Nick McGrath, Rachael Pavlich, Sarah Virginia Scott Track & Field: Zach Dalton, Xavier O’Brien, Troy Crawley, Aaron Rogers, Kasey Fairbanks, Alison Barthol, Corbin Turner, Saja Alexander, Emily Ball, Allie Barthol, Alison Moreau, Kaillee Philleo, Louise Tester, Claire Trotto, Abigail Packard Tennis: Jack Fishwick, Grayson White, Jessee Kennedy, Olivia Maccluen Congratulations, Maroons! Go out and do great things, and may you always remember your time at Dear Old Roanoke. 

Farewell to the Class of 2021

Written by Kristi Rolf As commencement quickly approaches, we at the Brackety-Ack are feeling especially grateful for the wonderful seniors on our staff who have dedicated countless hours to ensure that our paper is the best it can be. As the class of 2021 prepares to tackle life post-graduation, we captured their reflections on their time at Roanoke and on staff at the Brackety-Ack. Sarah Riddell has served as our business manager during the past year and has done fantastic work to keep the paper running smoothly! Anyone who reads the Brackety-Ack online will recognize her as the person who uploads every article to our website, ensuring that our publications reach readers far and wide. Riddell says, “I’m definitely going to miss reading little snippets of all the creative pieces the staff puts together as I’m queuing them on the website. They never cease to bring a smile to my face!”  Riddell is also a big fan of Roanoke College’s newest dining establishment, Freshens, since her “favorite meal has to be a Santa Fe flatbread (hold the chipotle ranch because eww ranch) and a Peach on the Beach smoothie (hold the mango because also eww).”  We will greatly miss Sarah’s diligence and thank her for her time spent hard at work for the Brackety-Ack. Joyelle Ronan began her time at the Brackety-Ack her sophomore year and now works as the Culture and Wellness editor as well as our fantastic social media guru! Ronan remembers fondly the articles she wrote about pop culture including her favorite article, “Mental Health in the Movies: Lars and the Real Girl.” Joy was a busy bee during her time at Roanoke, noting what she would miss the most, “The activities I was involved with like the Brackety-Ack, Basically Tarantino, WRKE, and Lambda Pi Eta. I…

Another Chapter in the Books

Written by Sarah Riddell “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” – Proverbs 19:21 Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and it was one of these that led me to Roanoke College. For years, the dream had been to attend a college in the middle of Boston, MA, even though everyone who knows me knows that I likely wouldn’t have lasted a single winter up north. As a habitual planner, I first viewed this change of course as a complete nightmare, but after my first week of classes at RC, I realized that I’d ended up right where I should have been from the beginning. Even as a commuter student, Roanoke College quickly became my home away from home, and it was all thanks to the amazing souls that have encouraged and guided me over these past four years. I’ve made forever friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I’ve had the most extraordinary opportunities befall me that I never anticipated being able to take part in, but it was these that continued to shape me into the student, and, more importantly, the person I am today.  Though I’ve always been a behind-the-scenes player on the Brackety-Ack staff (mostly due to my own social awkwardness!), it has been such a privilege to work with such amazingly talented people for the past year. Thank you all for being some of the most welcoming, patient, and kind individuals on planet earth – I will miss you all so very much, and I can’t wait to see where life takes each of you!  My time at Roanoke has been filled with so many blessings, and though I am sad to see my time here end, I am thrilled to see what the next chapter…

Folk of ‘Noke: Alexis Barton

Written by Zach Dalton For the past two years the Brackety-Ack ran under the strong leadership of former Editor in Chief Kaelyn Spickler, a member of the class of 2021. While it is odd to talk about someone else at the beginning of a Folk of ‘Noke article there is a method to the madness. This issue’s Folk, and my final interview, is the Brackety-Ack’s new Editor in Chief: Alexis Barton. She is a sophomore turning junior that is a Communications and Sociology double major from Leonardtown, Maryland. Her favorite jolly rancher is grape, she explained, “I’m just different and unique like that.” Alexis has been with the paper since her first semester of her freshman year for the sports page. As a reporter and an editor she has written a combined total for FORTY-ONE articles! “I was immediately drawn to The Brackety-Ack when I arrived at Roanoke primarily because of my passion for writing,” she explained.  Alexis learned how to write at the ripe age of four years old (very impressive!) but when she was in third grade she began her sports writing career. “I would keep track of stats, records, and would write recaps after my sister’s basketball games,” Alexis laughed. Writing has obviously been a very large part of her life. When she was not journaling about her sister’s basketball career, writing acted “both a hobby and an outlet for me,” she said, “so I knew I wanted to get involved in journalism at the college level.” It was at an academic exploration day for the Communication department that she met Kaelyn. Alexis recalled that meeting her “made me especially interested in getting involved right away.”  In terms of plans for the future of the Brackety-Ack Alexis named a few ideas she had brewing, but her main…

Roanoke College Recognizes Seniors with Department Awards

Written by Jack Miller As the end of this school year wraps up and our Class of 2021seniors get ready for graduation, RC’s many departments are having their academic award ceremonies. Each of the departments on campus placed a different COVID-safe spin on their awards ceremonies. Some met in person, others celebrated online, but one thing remained the same- many hard-working seniors won awards for all their work over the past year. Each department had an award for the senior who has excelled the most in the major, and those senior scholars were the recipients of the award of that name and the coveted Jefferson Cup. The English and Communications Department had their awards ceremony over Zoom, while other departments such as fine arts had a socially-distanced ceremony in person but to celebrate the achievements of their students. There were 36 senior scholarship awards given out to this year’s seniors.  I interviewed Jessica White, a senior from Asheville, North Carolina, who was the recipient of this year’s Senior Scholar in Art History award to see what her thoughts were on receiving such a prestigious award. “Receiving this award is an honor, I was incredibly flattered that my professors thought so much of me to award me with Senior Scholar. I felt appreciated and recognized for all the hard work that I put into my work. I will forever miss the support of my department,” said White. Jessica speaks for many of the seniors who will miss the support from Roanoke College’s faculty and staff and the love that their specific department extended to them.  A complete list of senior department awards can be located on each department’s website or by reaching out to each department’s chair.

Senior Word Search

Written by Marisa Seager To the class of 2021, I would like to formally congratulate you on all of your accomplishments. Choosing to enroll at Roanoke College was one of the first steps and leaving here with a degree and all of the gained experiences is one of the next. Best of luck on whatever may come next!