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Fall is Officially Here

Written by Chamberlain Zulauf  The 21st night of September marks a major milestone for this year, indicating fall 2020 has officially arrived. The school year is in full academic swing with midterms looming and the weather getting colder. There are pros and cons to this depending on who you are. Those who are excited for fall may be excited for leaves to change color. Some are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and to the ambitious there’s Christmas. Others simply prefer the colder weather. The fact that we’ve been stuck at home or working during quarantine could also be a key factor for those ready to leave summer behind.   Those who miss summer have been extra gloomy this past week, which gave us the first whiff of Autumn weather. Despite quarantine, there were plenty of aspects of summer to miss.  Such as, green trees and plenty of plants everywhere. The summer is when the world is alive for warm weather, supporters and so the transition to a dormant winter can be depressing. Summer people like to be comfortably outside in the sunny weather rather than cooped up inside pretending not to be cold.   Especially after this year, everyone must be excited for New Year’s no matter their seasonal preference. Based on an Instagram poll,  71% of Roanoke students are excited for fall while only 29% miss summer.   Both seasons are good times for exploration, be it pumpkin patches and hikes or the beach and ice cream stands. Each season comes with classic aspects and new opportunities, so no matter the season everyone should try to experience as much as the world has to offer (while keeping social distance).  

Fall Word Scramble

Written by Joyelle Ronan Are you the ultimate fall fanatic? Try to unscramble these autumnal words and phrases. 1. peppckuimisn (two words) Hint- think coffee drinks. 2. reeataweetwhrs (two words) Hint- also a song by The Neighbourhood. 3. sanviignthkg (one word) Hint- Happy… 4. hdayrie (one word) Hint- an activity at the pumpkin patch. 5. elgpaikcnpip (two words) Hint- you can make a pie after. 6. pesbeermt (one word) Hint- nine. 7. oilegaf (one word) Hint- transformation. 8. yskoneaoopss (two words) Hint- Halloween.   Answers- 1. Pumpkin spice 2. Sweater weather 3. Thanksgiving 4. Hayride 5. Apple picking 6. September 7. Foliage 8. Spooky season

Meet Ink Slingin’ Sandy

Written by Marisa Seager Thinking of getting inked? The Brackety-Ack chatted with Sandra March, Floyd-based tattoo artist, to get the scoop on her artwork. Q: How did you discover you wanted to be a tattoo artist? A: I was intrigued by all things tattoos and knew once I turned 18, I would get my first tattoo. I started to get to know my tattoo artist and my now mentor, Abigail Bowen. I asked if I could hang around the shop and just learn more about tattoos. One thing led to another and I started my apprenticeship with Abby. I never pictured myself as a tattoo artist when I was younger, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work in the industry. Q: What is your favorite style of tattoos? A: My favorite style is American Traditional! Ideally, I would like to focus only on traditional styles once I’ve developed more in my career. Q: Can you tell me more about this style? A: American Traditional tattoos started to emerge in the 1930s. Sailor Jerry, the father of Old School tattoos, paved the way for the tattoo industry in America we see today. During WWII, Sailor Jerry tattooed American men stationed in Hawaii. His bold designs were an escape from society and a symbol of freedom. Q: What is something people would be surprised to know about being a tattoo artist? A: I am still only an apprentice, but I will be taking my test to become a licensed tattoo artist within the next few months. In the time I’ve been an apprentice, I’ve noticed you have to be willing to face new challenges every day. All skin is different to tattoo, and you never know how a client’s skin will be until you’re tattooing them. Q: What advice do…

Fall Into Men’s Fashion

Written by Zach “I’m No Fashion Expert” Dalton Autumn is here which means there is a whole new set of fashion. I know what you’re thinking: the gray sweatpants, black sweatshirt, high socks, and run-down sneakers never fail. However, it doesn’t hurt to mix it up to turn some heads. Here are some different items that can be combined together to form the perfect fall outfit. These Boots Were Made for Walking- This one I am a little biased on, but I believe the perfect fall shoe is a pair of boots. They are warmer than sneakers, and just give an autumn vibe that can really help your style fall into place. This is How We Roll (Our Jeans)- This style will go well with your boots mentioned above. Jeans are a very versatile pair of pants; anyone from cowboys to high class celebrities pair them with most any style. The tactic with jeans and boots is to roll the bottom up twice to where they rest just above your ankles. This style will ~leaf~ just enough room to show off your shoes of choice. Flannels, That’s it- There isn’t a whole lot to be said about this style except nothing screams fall like a nice, cozy flannel. You could wear it by itself and button up to rock a lumberjack vibe, or layer it with a t-shirt to give it a more modern aesthetic. Either way, by the end of the season you will be more of a fan-el of the flannel. Band T-Shirts Band Together- Something new this season you will notice is a fair amount of band t-shirts. This one does not make as much sense as the others with the weather, but I think it is just a style thing over anything else. Go ahead and…

Five Etsy Shops for College Students

Written by Zoe Manoukian Etsy has significantly grown in success over the last few years and continues to thrive through skillful marketing and networking. The e-commerce website sells mostly handmade and vintage items, and perusing the site feels akin to walking the stalls of a craft fair. Etsy is the perfect site for students looking for unique and affordable ways to stylize their wardrobes, living spaces, and everyday lives. Check out these five Etsy shops that offer amusing goods for under $20. Niaski (2021 Cats in Art Wall Calendar for $23.99) For all things cats, check out Niaski’s Etsy shop! Niaski specializes in pins and illustrations that merge cats with art. Treat yourself to a Keith Hairball pin or an illustrated copy of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat.   Homestead Engraving (Custom Beer Glass for $11.99) Get your name engraved on a water bottle, tumbler, beer glass and more! Homestead Engraving is a Minnesota based shop run by a “husband, wife, 4 kids, a couple dogs and too many chickens to count” according to their shop page.   Fenna and Fei (30mm Hoops in Rainbow Tortoise| Acetate Tortoise Shell Multi-Colored Resin Hoop Earrings for $15.30) The ever-popular tortoise shell is not lost on Fenna and Fei. Take a gander at this site if you are looking for an adorable pair of hoops or a stylish hair clip.   Ivy Mane (Concrete Plant Pot for $17.99) Are you looking for a fun plant holder? Ivy Mane sells a multitude of minimalistic concrete pots ranging from quirky to elegant.   ZanZan Tea Try your hand at Boba! ZanZanTea offers various bubble tea kits and cupholders.

“Malcolm and Marie”: The Film that Bested Quarantine

Written by Charissa Roberson On Sep. 13, Netflix announced that “Malcolm and Marie,” a new film starring Zendaya (“Euphoria”) and John David Washington (“Tenet”), would be premiering on their streaming service. This film, directed by Sam Levinson, is remarkable in that it is the first feature film to start and complete production during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an interview with InStyle, Zendaya told Levinson about her desire to “do something creative” after production was shut down on Season 2 of “Euphoria.” Brainstorming ideas with Zendaya, Levinson wrote the script for “Malcolm and Marie” in a matter of days. Washington was brought on board, along with a small group of crew members from “Euphoria.” The creators financed the project with their own personal funds. Between June 17 and July 2, this close-knit team worked under the radar at Caterpillar House, a striking glass structure in Carmel, CA, to film the intimate romantic drama. Safety was the primary concern for everyone involved. Each member of the cast and crew had to quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 before filming began. The set itself was isolated, with only those working on the film allowed to be present. “We created our own little bubble and made sure that once we were in, we couldn’t leave,” Zendaya said (InStyle). The entertainment and acting industries had strict safety policies, but the team of “Malcolm and Marie” worked carefully with them, as well as doctors and lawyers, to develop resourceful ways to meet the requirements. Because the size of the crew had to be limited, many of them filled multiple roles. Zendaya, for her part, wore her own clothes and did her own make-up while filming. While details about the film’s plot are scarce, Deadline reports that “Malcolm and Marie” will follow a filmmaker (Washington) and…

Senior Spotlight: Ellie Schad and Philani Mlotshwa

Written by Katherine Clatterbuck The Class of 2021 began their senior year with delayed sports seasons, strict practice regulations, and numerous safety procedures. Our bravely dedicated seniors are facing an unprecedented season, a challenge to be highlighted by showcasing their Roanoke College accomplishments.  Philani Mlotshwa is a center midfielder for the Roanoke men’s soccer team. Mlotshwa commented on hyping up with worship music, namely music by Elevation Worship, and enjoying his pre-game meal, which consists of pasta with chicken and a smoothie. Mlotshwa chose Roanoke College athletics after sensing the “good family culture” within the team, led by the men’s soccer coach, Ryan Pflugrad. Being a member of the 2019-2020 men’s soccer team, which earned a spot in the NCAA DIII National Championship Tournament, Mlotshwa has experienced amazing accomplishments during his time at Roanoke. For Mlotshwa, being named the 2018 season MVP stands out as his greatest achievement.  Ellie Schad, midfield and forward for the Roanoke women’s soccer team, led the team to a win against the Shenandoah Hornets in her 2019-2020 season, scoring the game-winning point in overtime. Schad’s pre-game rituals include a turkey sandwich and “Lalala” by Y2K and bbno$. Another highlight of Schad’s 2019-2020 season was the team’s victory over the Lynchburg Hornets, an achievement unaccomplished since 2007. When asked about her choice to attend Roanoke, Schad states, “I chose Roanoke College Athletics because the campus was stunning, the team was amazing, and the whole athletic department was incredibly welcoming.” Mlotshwa and Schad are two of our amazing senior athletes here at Roanoke College. We wish them the best during this unprecedented semester in both their academic and athletic feats.    

Across the Aisle: The Fight for The Supreme Court

Written by Joey Slusher On Friday, September 18th, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. In her time as a lawyer and as a member of the highest court in the land, Justice Ginsburg has become known for her outspoken nature and her fight for equal rights for men and women. While her passing marks the loss of a judicial giant, and she should rightfully be mourned and have her achievements recognized, it also marks another point of political strife in our ever-polarizing political climate. Justice Ginsburg acted as a relatively liberal Justice, particularly when it came to her rulings on equal rights for men and women and views on same-sex marriage. Prior to her passing, the Supreme Court was typically categorized as having five conservative judges and four liberals. With her passing, her seat is now open for President Trump to fill. The President and his party would likely seek to fill this spot with a more conservative judge in order to secure the Supreme Court with a strong majority of conservative justices. This is the process as outlined in the Constitution: the President picks a nominee, the Senate has a hearing and scrutinizes that nominee, and then votes to confirm or deny their induction to a lifelong term on the Supreme Court. This process has recently become muddled though when in 2016, Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell would not allow President Obama’s nominee a hearing in the senate stating it was the right of the next president to be elected to nominate a judge to fill this seat. There were six months left in President Obama’s term. Majority Leader McConnell has now gone back on his word and believes President Trump has a right to nominate a new justice because he has the chance of being reelected,…

A Field Guide to Football Fans

Written by Zach “Look, the Dolphins are Going to Turn it Around” Dalton Football season has made it into its third week of games for the season. Many people have donned their team gear to show support for their favorite teams. Sometimes that is not enough. Here’s a quick guide on the type of fans you’ll find this season.  Rabidcus Fancus: These are fans who eat, breathe, drink, and bleed their team colors. They will defend their players, coaches, and mascots till the death. If you even so much as mispronounce their team’s name, they will attack you like a rabid animal…figuratively of course. Often these are Patriots or Packers fans.  Audio Loudprae: These fans are the ones who yell at the television in hopes for the team to respond. They will exclaim in disbelief or excitement when miraculous plays occur. Ear protection is recommended when around them. Often these are Vikings or Bears fans.   Contemnendus Avians: These are the fans who hate every single team of football, even their own. They will boo and hiss at anything without discrimination. Their responses to games are often extreme and rowdy. Much like the Rabidcus Fancus, they will attack anyone who wrongs their team, even if it is their team. A good example is Eagles and Ravens fans.  Dévoué Sapien: These are the fans who stick by their team no matter what. The team could go years and years with a losing season and they will still put on their jerseys to support them. These fans are the ones who are rewarded the most when their team does win and appreciate the little things in life. Browns and Dolphins fans are the best example of this. Trust me, I know.   Normalem Populus: These are the fans who are just normal people. They…

Falwell’s Downfall

Written by Kristi Rolf Over the past four months, a steady succession of controversies has cost Liberty University’s President and evangelical right-wing leader, Jerry Falwell Jr. his powerful position at the helm of the country’s second-largest Christian University. With each offense, the hypocrisy of the highly influential figure was further exposed.   In recent years, Falwell Jr.’s influence expanded from academic and spiritual to political. Increasingly and uncharitably vocal about his political beliefs, Falwell Jr. grew in notoriety as a vocal minority criticized his brashness while the majority remained unwavering in their support. This intersection of faith, academia, and politics made Falwell Jr. a ripe candidate for controversy. A reckoning unfolded over the summer of 2020. In May, he penned a racially insensitive tweet. In August, he posted an immodest Instagram photo. Before the end of the month, a sex scandal hit the press which brought a decisive end to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s reign.   Liberty’s President’s May tweet prompted a letter from 35 African American alumni censuring the president for, “divisive rhetoric that does not display the kind of Christian witness that the Gospel demands of us.” This backlash prompted nothing more than a snarky Twitter apology. The August Instagram photo sparked outrage for its blatant violation of Liberty’s strict rule of modest attire and an apparent presence of alcohol, which is strictly forbidden for students at any time on or off-campus. Where racial insensitivity failed to deliver disciplinary action against Falwell Jr., immodesty got the job done. On August 7th, Falwell Jr. took an indefinite leave of absence from the University. The fatal blow came with news of a sexual affair between Mr. and Mrs. Falwell and a pool attendant the couple met on vacation. Such an affair blatantly violates rules in Liberty University’s code of conduct, The Liberty Way,…