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The Brackety-Ack Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Alexis Barton

Alexis Barton is a Junior Communication Studies and Sociology double major from Leonardtown, Maryland.  Outside of the Brackety-Ack, she is a brother in Alpha Phi Omega, sings with the Roanoke College Choir and the Roanotes, and works in the Office of the Chaplain. Alexis spends much of her free time trying to resolve the Toronto Maple Leafs’ salary cap issues (shoutout to Kyle Dubas and CapFriendly.com) If you see her around campus, ask her about how much she loves Post Malone. Contact Alexis here!

Business Manager: Mateo Biggs

Mateo Biggs is a sophomore at Roanoke College, majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Theater. Taking on the mantle of Business Manager for the Brackety Ack after working on staff as a reporter since his freshman year. As expected of a Creative Writing major, Mateo is a fan of reading all kinds of stories and even writing his own, sometimes being found in the oddest of places either curled around a novel or typing away on his laptop. Mateo works as the social media manager for Roanoke’s Earthbound and is also a part of the LGBTQ+ LAMBDA, Anime Club, and HOLA.  Contact Mateo here!

Entertainment Editor: Charissa Roberson

Charissa Roberson is a senior at Roanoke College, double majoring in Creative Writing and French with a concentration in Screen Studies. She has been writing for the Entertainment page of the BA since freshman year, and this is her third year as editor! As would be expected, Charissa loves quality entertainment of all kinds—books, movies, music, theater, you name it. Give her a huge fantasy novel or a moving new film with a cup of hot coffee, and she couldn’t be happier! She also loves studying languages, traveling wherever possible, and playing Irish tunes on her fiddle. Contact Charissa here!

Folks at Noke Editor: Chamberlain Zulauf

Chamberlain Zulauf was born in D.C. and raised in nearby Virginia suburbs. A working member of the Class of ’22, Chamberlain is currently double majoring in Creative Writing and business He has been working on school publications as a writer and editor since Sophomore year of High School and hopes to keep that trend alive after graduating Roanoke. His dream job is to be a reporter in the 1940’s or to write community/lifestyle articles. On campus Chamberlain reads and coordinates interviews for the Roanoke Review and is a team caption for the XC/T&F team. Contact Chamberlain here!

News Editor: Joseph Carrick

Joseph is the editor of the news section of the Brackety-Ack as well as a contributor to the entertainment section. He is a senior with a major in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Accounting and Finance. Joseph was treasurer and president of the LGBT+ club, LAMBDA as well as boardmember of several inclusive OMA panels. Contact Joseph here.

Culture and Wellness Editor: Marisa Seager

Marisa Seager is a junior at Roanoke College who happens to major in Communication Studies with a minor and Art. Along with being the Editor for the Culture and Wellness page, Marisa also writes a few articles for the Folks at Noke page as well. Marisa also happens to be a large fan of photography, practicing it whenever she can, her works happening to be added into the paper itself. Contact Marisa here!

Sports Editor


Opinion EditorDevon Mitchell

Devon is a Junior from Southern New Hampshire majoring in International Relations and Communications. In her free time, Devon likes to read, play tennis, and hang around in her hammock. Devon has two cats named Oreo and Augustus Buttschoochie (AKA Gus). You can usually find Devon in Morehead Hall or on the back quad reading with friends or doing homework. Devon is a professional Barista, working at a coffee shop for three years, as well as being a self-proclaimed coffee and tea enthusiast. Hit her up with any of your coffee-related questions. Contact Devon here!

Social Media Coordinator: Joyelle Ronan

Contact Joyelle here.

VideographerZachary Dalton

Contact Zachary here.

Faculty AdvisorTom Carter

Alumni Advisor: Jenny Boone