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This page features engaging stories on noteworthy events on and around the Roanoke College campus. Special events, collegiate awards and accomplishments, administrative announcements, and even local crimes and emergencies are frequently covered.

COVEY Launches at RC

Article by Emma Grosskopf Kyle and Edwin Foster seem like your typical college grads, out in the real world, trying to make it on their...

Res Life Makes Multiple Improvements

Article Written by Paige Stewart Roanoke College students returned to campus this August to find many improvements to their residence halls, from new furniture and...

Getting Behind? Get Help.

Article Written by Emma Grosskopf All of us, at one point or another, have looked at a professor like they’ve grown another head. All of us,...

RC Reckons with its own Confederate Monument

Article written by Paige Stewart St. a Confederate soldier stands atop a stone pedestal. He faces due south, towards home, with a rifle at his...

“Every Vote Matters”

Reverend Jesse Jackson, major civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, spoke at Roanoke College in a town hall event sponsored by Roanoke College...

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