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Activities Fair a Massive Success for RC Clubs


Written by Emma Grosskopf

When RC clubs and organizations were scrambling for tables at the Activities Fair last Friday, the warm, muggy air was buzzing with the excitement of new opportunities.

RC students, many of them freshmen, drifted from table to table, picking up flyers, listening to the pitches of the club officers and electing to either nod politely and keep moving or sign their name on an interest sheet.

Students who found themselves drawn to organizations focused on nature and the Great Outdoors lingered by club tables such as Outdoor Adventures, Rock Climbing and Fly Fishing.

Students interested in social justice found themselves at the tables of Students for Equality, RC Peace & Justice and LAMBDA Alliance.
Students with strength in the written word chose to check out the tables for On Concept’s Edge (the campus literary magazine), the Brackety-Ack and the Writing Center.

Students wishing to explore their musical abilities put their names down for clubs such as any of the RC acapella groups, choirs or band organizations.

Under the threatening clouds of FOTQ last week, students were able to see a large cross-section of RC life. On such a small campus, in such a small area, it’s easy to think that nothing ever happens and that there’s nothing to do. Events such as the Activities Fair allow students to step out of their dorms and see what is actually going on on campus and take their first steps into truly becoming a part of the bustling RC community.