Folks at Noke

Folks at Noke is the page for features on exemplary students here at Roanoke! From ‘Humans of RC’ to ‘Maroons Talk Backety-Ack’ and even columns from students abroad, this is the place to go to get to know your fellow Maroons.

Maroons Talk Back (ety-Ack)

Every edition we want to hear from you, the Maroons. This week we got four of this campus’ favorite smiling faces and talk about...

RC Students Share Second Round of Crazy Hookup Tales

Written by Shamira James On this episode of “making it do what it do” at Roanoke College, here’s part two of everyone’s favorite Brackety-Ack installment,...

Humans of Roanoke College: Deanna Keller

Written by Madalyn Chapman This edition of the Brackety-Ack, we’re introducing you to Deanna Keller. She’s a member of the Class of 2021, plays clarinet...

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