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Winter Trends to End


Written by Ale Carino

  1. Shorts in the Winter….? – You’re bundled up in the thickest jacket, and you angrily cursing your professor for not cancelling class. You look up and THAT person is wearing shorts. You look around to see if anyone else is as appalled as you, but no, everyone seems to think this is just FINE. Well it’s not, and before you can get out your phone to put it on Snapchat, they’re gone, and you’re left with the perplexing question all day of what made them think that was okay.
  2. “It’s Not Even THAT Cold!” – This isn’t a fashion trend, but you certainly run into these people every winter. You’re sitting there; using your breath to warm up your hands while the wind is literally making tears fall from your eyes, and this person has the nerve THE ABSOLUTE GALL to say “Oh, don’t be such a baby, it’s not even that cold.” Just punch them in the face, and knock them out, and then you can say, “Oh get it, I didn’t hit you THAT hard”!’
  3. Juuling to Keep Warm – Back in the day there used to be fireplaces for everyone to crowd around, but lo and behold the times of the Juul where everyone is huffing on the USB flash drive and trying to pretend it’s working. Sis, put it away, and keep your hands in your pockets. Your habit ain’t worth freezing your fingers off.
  4. The Lacr-outfit – Sweatpants. Tucked into socks. Wearing boots. Flannel over gray hoodie. A hat with a puff ball on it. A commendable amount of facial hair. There’s nothing else to say honestly.