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There’s An App For That: FaceTune or Fake-Tune?


Written by Shamira James

In the age of social media, everyone is looking to break the internet with their next Instagram post. If you’ve ever posted a photo with no filter, you are one of the brave few, but the rest of us need a filter, or a few, to hopefully break over 200. Apps like VSCO, Instasize, HUJI offer some of the most popular filters you see everyday on your feed. But what about when you want to physically alter your picture? Back in the day it used to be taboo to talk about editing pictures, but in this day and age we’re more honest with ourselves about editing our pictures past a filter. Facetune is an app that lets you do what big time editors are already doing, you are just doing it from the comfort of your bed, but have we taken it too far? Are we seeking perfection in the most imperfect ways? Here’s some ways to serve a look but not get served.

  1. Tapping over Dragging – everyone’s favorite tool on the app is seemingly the smoothing tool however, it’s gone too far. People are smoothing so much that they’re erasing any trace of actual human features like smiles lines, dimples and other things no one expects you to not have. When you select the smooth tool, instead of dragging your finger across your entire face, zoom in and only smooth out non-desirable texture by tapping. Tapping instead of dragging makes it less clock-able and less likely to be completely roasted in the group message.
  2. SoOoOO Pigmented – for all you makeup enthusiasts out there, have you ever looked at an inspo pic on Instagram or Twitter and seen the most beautiful bright colors but then you realize you have the same palette and wonder why your look doesn’t look like that. Don’t get mad, get on your phone and fix it. If you want to amp that red lipstick you’re wearing or make your sunset eye look like the actual sunset, you can use the color tool and rev up those pigments to even have shishter SHOOK.
  3. You Don’t Actually Look Like That – of course no one walks around with hearts around their head (**unless you’re looking at Sebastian Salazar) we’re all aware it’s a filter, but on Facetune, it’s not that obvious. You should keep the integrity of yourself in all your pictures. BE TRUE TO THY OWN SELF, TO THY OWN SELF BE TRUE. Of course no one is going to care if you make your butt a little more thicc, or make your gut look like you invented waist training – but if you’re not shaped like a coke bottle don’t try it.
  4. Background Check – the goal for 2018 and forever is to not be clocked. The fastest way to get clocked when using Facetune is not checking your surroundings when you Reshape something. You went and gave you and the plant a butt lift. The best way to avoid this is after you Reshape something, go back in and use the Restore tool. Zoom in and only restore what you never meant to Reshape in the first place.