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Find Local Selfie Spots to Improve Your ‘Gram Game

Written by Shamira James

We all know what it takes to make a good Instagram worthy pic – the caption, the filter, even the location – can make or break a pic, but what about the pic itself? There are some snaps that are universal to any college student (like a sweaty basement party pic, a beach pic with your friends or a with a date at cocktail) but there are some moments that are unique to RC.

Bartlett Hill – “Golden Hour” is everyone’s favorite time of day, and there’s no better place to catch it than on the South Side of campus. It’s guaranteed that your selfies will look absolutely incredible – Snapchat filter or not. The warm hues of the sun as it sets give you the most soft and beautiful look that will photograph well every time. So if you’re feeling particularly like a snack (or even if you don’t feel too hot), come to sunny South Side.

Cregger windows – Whether it’s a pre or post workout selfie, Cregger, with its ceiling to floor windows, could be the next place to help you break the Internet. Not only will you be up in the gym just workin’ on your fitness, but you’ll be able to get on camera so everyone knows the freshman 15 ain’t touchin’ you!

Roanoke Star – This one isn’t on campus, but if you go to RC and you DON’T have this pic somewhere on your Insta, did you really go to RC? Whether it’s on the platform with the city lights in the background or a distant picture with the 88 ft. attraction behind you, if the clout gods are on your side, you’ll break at least 100 likes with this signature pic.

Fruitions – Not only can you get a smoothie or two (or even 3, who cares?) when you go to take this next picture, but you can also use the bright blue walls to get some pops of color for your next flick. Not only do they have the poppin’ natural light, but it’s also just one of those little RC things (cue Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”). It’s cute, fun and fresh, just like the smoothies, and just think of all the fruit pun captions!

Beamer Fountain – This is usually a senior thing, mainly because of the J.A.M. ‘71 quote at the top: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.” But honestly, anyone can take a picture there and Instagram will eat it up. Water is an aesthetic shared by almost everyone, so they tend to get a like regardless of the picture. Not only is it an RC landmark, it’s also just really fun to walk under. So snap that pic and the Huji app do its magic.

Angel Wings – Near the Bank of Botetourt on Roanoke Blvd., this next Salem landmark is one that every RC freebird knows about. This light beige wall with pink, purple and blue angel wings has a spot for you right in the middle that all of your aunts and mom’s friends will love as your next Facebook picture. And don’t worry, there’s an abundance of Angel-related song lyrics, so this post is pretty much made for you.

Antique Stores – If you’re ever sitting in your room on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon thinking of what to do because you’re too unsettlingly bored, then this next selfie spot is just a few steps down Main Street. No one has a greater appreciation for old things than young adults because nostalgia is always such a big mood. And it’s honestly a good deal, you can get a quality pic AND something funky for your dorm.

Waffle House – EVERY college kid can relate to that moment when it’s 2 a.m. and you and your friends have been talking for hours and hours and hours about nothing and next thing you know one person says “I’m hungry,” and then you all feel it. Lucky for RC, there’s two Waffle Houses near the campus and they both make great locations for great food and memories.