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Living My Best Life: High Fives and Sex Drives

Written by Emma Grosskopf

Let’s talk about sharing.

This is a small school. It seems that everyone knows everyone here, and while that makes for an interesting social scene, it also produces strange tensions within friend groups in the way of romance and hookups.

So, I’m just going to speak plainly.

The hookup scene at RC? SWAMPED with double-dipping.

Everyone has the right to do what they want in their private lives, but the truth of it is it just ain’t going to be that private at a school as tiny as ‘Noke.

I’ve heard rumors spread that were about how some girls get “passed around” through guys’ friend groups, groups sometimes made of upward of 10 people. This could be a sports team or a fraternity or any random group of beekeeping hippies. And I’ve heard similar rumors about the RC ladies, like a group of sorority sisters possibly hooking up with the same guy, and this overlap creating divides within previously close-knit friends.

The purpose of this column is not to expose everyone’s sexual life. I don’t care enough about people’s, ahem, habits to do that. And anyway, like I said earlier: it’s a small school. Hookup overlap should be expected. Is it desirable? That’s a question you have to ask yourselves, because while I like to think I have all the answers, I can’t help you decide who to hook up with.  

I just think it’s interesting how when girls find out that they have hooked up with the same guy (or are currently hooking up with the same guy), it often causes drama, tension, anxiety and sometimes ruins friendships.

But guys?

If romantic feelings aren’t a factor, they might bond over it!

I have heard of girls, even hooking up with a guy out of sexual desire with absolutely no romantic feelings involved, breaking it off with one of their closest friends over a guy. Guys, on the other hand, might become closer by getting it on with the same gal.

All I’m trying to say is that at such a small school, rumors fly about everyone’s goings and comings. Whether the rumors spread around are true or not, the majority of girls will get catty about shared sexual partners, while the majority of men might bond.

What an interesting concept.