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Eager for Easter

Written by Maggie Raker

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and Easter is on the horizon. Easter may be a Christian holiday, but all sorts of people also use it to mark the beginning of the season, and with the three-day weekend, it can be a great opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun. So, what are some things everyone can do to celebrate?

Dying Easter eggs is one of the more popular traditions. This can be done with hard-boiled eggs by dipping them in combinations of vinegar, water, and food dye. To really make them decorative, wax can be used to leave patterns without dye, as can things like tape and rubber bands. 

And of course, that can lead to a good old-fashioned egg hunt. Whether you use eggs you decorated yourself, or plastic eggs full of candy, hiding eggs for your friends to find is a recipe for fun. You can also add in more crafting by decorating Easter baskets to collect the eggs in! You can make it a competition, or just a nice challenge, and either way, it’s time together.

While you have all your friends and family together, it’s also the perfect time to share a meal! Glazed ham is often the center of an Easter plate, although there are plenty of options. Going further than eating, consider sharing the process of cooking as well! There are also a plethora of Easter crafts that you can use as table settings to set the mood.

And of course, if nothing else, a great way to celebrate the start of spring will always be to go outside and see it yourselves! There are hikes, lawn games, picnic spots, and so much more! This Easter break, I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the sun, nature, and good company.