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2024 Spring Fashion Predictions

Written by Allison Shaw

Once again, Spring has Sprung (or at least I’m hoping the weather realizes it has). With a new season upon us, we will begin to see a shift in fashion trends as the weather begins to warm, and already this spring is promising to bring some cute new styles to the forefront; some of which are old classics and others which are new and exciting. In keeping with the usual pattern, I will be discussing some of these upcoming trends, what you should keep an eye out for, and where you can find these pieces! 

Last spring and summer, the year of Barbie, pink was everywhere, and this year, we are staying in the family for our trendiest color; a bright cherry red. This shade of red has been on the up for a while now, especially with the rise in popularity of singer Lana Del Rey and her revival of the Americana aesthetic; which we are now seeing bleed out into mainstream fashion. Red accessories, red gingham, and cherries are becoming popular motifs and quickly overtaking the bright and pastel pinks of the previous year. Interestingly, gingham seems to be a common thread, as pink gingham became very popular over the previous summer due to Margot Robbie’s iconic costumes, however this year red gingham pants and shorts seem to be all the rage. Also keep an eye out for sky blue; most high fashion magazines predict this color will be in fashion in the summer.

The fashionable silhouette also seems to be shifting this year, and while we are still following the rule of little top large pants, we seem to be shifting away from the low rise cargo pant and towards a mid rise, straight leg jean or slack. Capri’s may also see a revival, and shorts are definitely in this year, with a bit of an interesting take; many are beginning to wear boxer briefs as shorts. This ties in with the aforementioned trending colors; these items are commonly found at lower prices and in either red or blue, making them easily accessible, and if worn slightly oversized, in line with the small top big pant silhouette. If you’re looking to find some cute shorts for the season, boxers or otherwise, check out Levi’s denim shorts, Hollister, or hit up a thrift store to see what you can find. A lot of this season’s trends can be found in thrift stores! 

Two more things to keep an eye on are the “Great White Dress” i.e. a white maxi or sundress, and oversized overalls! The Gap has a wide selection of these overalls, and as for the white sundress, try pairing it with a red ribbon and small red purse, and a pair of sandals! 

Of course, nobody can see the future, so who knows what the fashion of this upcoming season will bring. These are just a few things to keep an eye on as you plan your Spring and Summer wardrobe!