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Rabbits and Eggs

Written by Andrea Flores-Gomez

The Easter bunny, Easter hare, Easter rabbit, etc.
Whichever name you know it by, this folkloric creature that
goes around laying Easter eggs has become a principal symbol
of Easter. I had accepted this part of the holiday as a simple old
wive’s tale but after some research I went down a rabbit hole
(pun intended) of symbolism and a lot of speculated origins to
the myth.

One of the theories is that the symbol of the Easter bunny
comes from Pagan origins. Jacob Grimm, a folklorist and one
of the famous fairytale writing brothers (yes, those brothers),
argued that the Easter bunny was chosen as a symbol of Easter
because it was created after the Goddess “Eostre”, which is the
Pagan Goddess of fertility with a bunny as her animal symbol.
Rabbits, due to their stereotype of being easy to breed and
having a large amount of offspring, symbolized fertility as well.
As to how these traditions got to the United States,
it’s said that during the 1700’s, German immigrants arrived
in Pennsylvania with stories of a hare called “Osterhase” or
“Oschter Haws” that laid colorful eggs in nests that the children
made. Then the United States expanded these gifts with
chocolate and candy.

Finally, eggs are used as a symbol of new life, as well as
the chicks who hatch from them that have also become a face
for the holiday. The beginning of spring represents flowers
blooming and life coming around after being hit by harsh
winters, which ties into this symbolic “new life”. This had a
more valuable significance back in the day when harsh winters
could be deadly, but if you hate winter then I am sure you will
appreciate the celebration.
Easter has a special meaning that can be shared by
everyone. In a religious Christian sense, it does represent the
resurrection of Jesus, but it also represents rebirth in general,
new life, and hope for this new year. So, I hope you enjoy your
Easter whether you are celebrating it or not, whether you are
religious or not. Just remember, it’s an opportunity for a new

Happy Easter and enjoy your three-day weekend!