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Nintendo News #2: Princess Peach: Showtime!

Written by Zachary Bayers

Welcome to the second edition of Nintendo News! Excitingly, a brand-new Nintendo Switch game is arriving exclusively on the console sooner than you might think. “Princess Peach: Showtime!” is making its theatrical debut on the system March 22nd, 2024, starring Princess Peach from the mushroom kingdom as the protagonist of the story. Although this iconic princess appears in nearly every game in the Mario franchise, it’s been close to twenty years since she’s had a standalone game all to herself; the last rendition being “Super Princess Peach” all the way back in 2005. About time!

In this bustling action-adventure game, Peach arrives at the Sparkle Theatre to watch the latest productions the department has to offer. However, with the appearance of the fashionable main villain, she knocks Peach’s crown away and infests the theater with her own magical power, taking control for evil (as cliche stories go). After meeting with the theater guardian Stella, the two work together to revert the plays back into their normal forms and save the productions.

The gameplay is third person, whereby using Stella’s ribbon powers, Peach can transform into a variety of different costumes to fight her foes in unique ways. Whether that be a swordfighter, ninja, ice skater, patisserie, and more, Peach has an endless arsenal (and sense of style) at her disposal to overcome any obstacle. These unique identities also provide creative varieties within level design, meaning the settings of each will be drastically unique. When playing, it makes you feel that you yourself are on stage, performing intuitive gameplay to reach eventful conclusions. 

With a demo currently available in the Nintendo eShop, you can experience a taste of the game for free if you’re still skeptical on whether it’s right for you. It’s very family friendly, colorful, and perfect for casual gameplay if you’re looking to just pick up something relaxing. Either way, having a brand-new spin-off starring Princess Peach herself is a brilliant idea, and I hope we get to see more games centered around her in the future. Make sure to check it out if you’re a fan of Mario!