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“Eternal Sunshine” Review in Time for Spring

Written by Sabrina Rogers

Hey y’all! Recently, after 4 years and a strike later, Ariana Grande released a new album called “Eternal Sunshine” on March 8th, 2024! Ariana recorded this 13-track album under Republic Records, and it is classified as a Pop and R&B album. Now, onto the review!

“Intro (end of the world)”: This quick yet eloquently produced song is about her questioning things in her relationships. Short and sweet but sets up the album for the listener. The backing vocals and the strings near the end of the song really bring the lightness of some other songs in the album together. 8/10. 

“Bye”: This song is about both the negative and positives of putting an end to a relationship. This upbeat song with lyrics that, quite honestly do not match the bouncy-ness of the song (not hating it though)! 7/10.

“Don’t wanna break up again”: This ballad is all about pain. Specifically pain two lovers inflict upon each other and them staying together DESPITE that pain. Now this song was almost a skip, but the lyrics kept me in. 5/10.

“Eternal Sunshine”: This song is a direct connection to the 2004 film featuring Jim Carrey of the same name. This song has been speculated to be about her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, not wanting to live with the pain of a divorce. 7/10.

“Supernatural”: This R&B track is a love song and supposedly to be about when she met Ethan Slater, her now boyfriend, whom she met on the set of “Wicked”. This directly relates to how Ariana felt like she could never leave this state of euphoria when around Slater and not minding this skyrocketing euphoria. 8/10.

“True Story”: The beat of this song is superb. The bass hits so hard and the meaning of this song is the reality for many celebrities. It depicts the way people online create false realities from hearing minimal information regarding a situation. 8/10.

“The boy is mine”: Inspired by the song with the same title by Brandy and Monica, this track is a remastered version of a leaked and unreleased song called “fantasize.” This song is a comeback to the internet calling her a homewrecker. 6/10

“Yes, And?”: The only single to be released, this is basically about clapping back, once again. This track heavily interpolates Madonna’s single, Vogue. This song has no qualms, 10/10.

“We can’t be friends (wait for your love)”: This song is about forbidden and unrequited love. This upbeat yet heart wrenching song is perfect for crying sessions. 10/10.

“I wish I hated you”: This is the one song that made connections to Positions that came out in 2020 regarding the musicality of it. All in all, good song but not a favorite. 5/10.

“Imperfect for you:A play on words, shows the unconditional love from family and friends. Sweet tune with real lyrics. 6/10.

“Ordinary Things (Ft. Nonna)”: Last song on the album explores finding love in the mundane that is life. What a way to end the album. 7/10.

     Overall, this album is solid and deserves the hype. Everyone should listen to it. While the single did not give us the correct perception of what the album encapsulated, it was still a nice kicker for what it was worth. The average for this listen is 7/10, good but not everyone’s cup of tea.