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Maroons Talk: Winter Cheer

Written by Adriana Rose

In response to “Are you enjoying the colder weather?”

Lexy Kantrowitz ‘26 said, “I am enjoying the chilly weather a lot. I am especially excited for snow. I love wearing winter clothing and layering!”

 In response to “Does your family have any favorite holiday traditions?”

Helena Bart ‘27 said, “My favorite holiday tradition is oplatek. It is a Polish tradition where before dinner on Christmas Eve, everyone gets a sheet of the oplatek (which is like a wafer) and breaks off a piece of each other’s and eats it. It is meant to bring good luck and good wishes.” 

In response to “How would you spend a night snowed in?”

Jackie Santomero ‘25 said, “My ideal night snowed in would be jumping into the snow and later sitting by a warm fire playing board games.”