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How To: Secret Santa

Written by Andrea Flores-Gomez

Happy early holidays! As we reach the end of the semester there is nothing that I would rather do than get into the holiday spirit. And what better way to do that than my favorite way, Secret Santa! For those that don’t know, Secret Santa is an activity where you and your friends (or family) place each other’s names in a bowl, then (without peeking!) each of you grab a name, and whoever’s name you choose, you become that person’s Secret Santa! Being someone’s Secret Santa means that you get to buy a present for them (and save some money since you will only buy a present for that person).

This game is so fun! Though sometimes, it is so hard to figure out what gift to give your person.This is especially true if you don’t really know what their favorite things are. This is why I bring you a couple of standard ideas to make a great gift for a great friend!

  1. Christmas theme gift: If your friend loves Christmas, what’s better than giving them some cute Christmas related gifts? From practical gifts like mugs, pajamas, or blankets; to more decorative gifts like ornaments, snow globes, or even a painting. If your friend is a big Christmas fan, they will appreciate the themed object.
  2. Gift cards: Now, if you get a person that you don’t know too much about, and you don’t know how to ask about their preferences without blowing your cover (remember, it’s a secret), a gift card is the perfect gift! It can be for a restaurant you know they might enjoy, a store they like, or even just a Visa card so they can use it anywhere. A gift card is always appreciated!
  3. Gift basket: This is my favorite thing to give, because really, it’s a lot of small things combined to create one big gift! You can buy all sorts of little trinkets, decorations, snacks and arrange them in a cute basket. Gifts with effort are the best kind of gift.

There are only a few more weeks of classes to go through and then we can start to fully enjoy the season of giving. I wish you all the best of luck with your final exams and assignments and I hope you enjoyed your semester. Happy Holidays!