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Folk of ‘Noke: Adelle Mengedoht

Written by Juniper Rogers

Adelle is a senior from Clarksburg, Maryland who double-majors in Literary Studies and Criminal Justice. She is working with IPOR, a survey group in Virginia, for her distinction project this year. Her research was made possible by the work of Dr. Parsons, research that aims to determine the effect that a “sanctuary city” has on its crime rate and how Virginians view sanctuary cities. 

“My home county of Montgomery County is designated as a sanctuary county, so as a result there were a lot of undocumented individuals in my community. My high school was one of the few in my county with an English as a second language program, which meant that students from all around the county ended up being bussed in. I ended up having many friends who had crossed the border alone when they were only 12-13 and from these relationships, I grew a passion for studying immigration law and policies so I knew when I got a chance I would research exactly that.”

Adelle is currently devoted to her role as a tour guide, which she has done since freshman year, and she is a Vice President of the coed service fraternity APO. “I’m really happy that I joined both of those early on because it provided me with the opportunity to find a community when everything was locked down.”

“Friday is chocolate chip pancake day, anything else is a tragedy and/or blasphemy

(you can use either one).” I cannot agree more, Adelle!

With senior year almost coming to a close, Adelle is grateful to Dr. Parsons, Dr. Almeder, and Dr. Larson-Harris for writing her law school recommendation letters and being a source of support throughout her college career. “I want to also thank my bosses in the admission office, especially Cole Rosen and Emily Pilat for continuing to employ me and being really flexible and understanding. Lastly, I want to thank all of my friends who have been alongside me since my freshman year and who have created a home for me here at Roanoke.