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Folk of ‘Noke: Juniper Rogers

Written by Adriana Rose

Juniper Rogers is a sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina. They are majoring in creative writing and minoring in environmental studies while also focusing on the publishing and editing concentration. After college, she plans to find a role in which she can act as a voice for the Appalachian Mountains. She hopes to make meaningful connections with those around her, especially if it’s done while bettering her community. Juniper says, “In the future, I see myself working with the City of Salem, in partnership with Roanoke College, to find a path to higher cooperation for a more community-oriented structure of being.”

Juniper manages a lot as she is the President of the RC Communitarians club, an SGA Northside Senator, and the Section Editor for the Folks of Noke section of the Brackety-Ack. She balances her work and personal life in quite a lot of ways. She notes, “My strategy for dealing with stress is usually a long and furious walk or drawing The process is always expedited when paired with music that is positively angsty.” With the rest of her college career, she is hoping to continue to be involved and make an impact on campus. She says, “As a senator for SGA, I would like to work more closely with the administration to make sure that the qualms of the people we are representing are met with an open ear and the due diligence that they deserve.”