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Hot 100 on the Billboard

Written by Mateo J. Biggs

Music is always something we can enjoy, and music is sure to always change directions and flow with every new release artists have. From varying aesthetics to new chords that have been used to change the flow of the song. For the week of November 18th, here comes the top 10 songs as found by the official Billboard website:

Sitting pretty at number 1 is Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer”. While it was ranked number 6 last week, it has boosted itself back to number 1 just this week.

Number 2 is “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat, a saucy and dangerous song to make anyone feel powerful, with number 3 being Taylor Swift’s “Is It Over Now [Taylor’s Version]”. A juxtaposition of sounds, for sure, but the Billboard sure does love keeping us on our toes. 

Number 4 stands strong with SZA’s “Snooze”, which is a definite song to jam out to. Following closely behind is “Standing Next to You” by Jung Kook, who seems to be using this year to try out new flavors of music with his career and continuing to spark his popularity. 

At number 6 is “I Remember Everything” by Zach Bryan Featuring Kacey Musgraves with “Now and Then” by The Beatles following behind at number 7, a classic for sure and one that doesn’t get old in this era. 

For our final 3, in order, comes “Fast Car” by Luke Combs, and then “Thinkin’ Bout Me” and “Last Night”, both by Morgan Wallen. Wallen seems to be holding number 9 and 10 steady, perhaps he will be dominating the Billboard soon? Only listeners know for sure. 

Regardless, maybe this top 10 list will offer some new songs for you to include in your playlist, or maybe you’ll begin looking for your favorite artist next time