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Folk of ‘Noke: Mikaela Gantz

Written by Juniper Rogers

Mikaela Gantz (she/her), a junior, is currently a pre-law student double-majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies while pursuing concentrations in Peace and Justice Studies and Legal Studies. She is from Sterling, in Loudoun County, Virginia, which is the richest county in the United States. “I think I had a very privileged upbringing and I would not be here today if it weren’t for that.” Mikaela is a member of the Honors Executive Board serving as the Social Chair, a senator for Environmental
Studies in SGA, an Officer for Earthbound, a serving member of the Student Conduct Council, a Campus Ministry Fellow, an Outdoor Adventures Guide, and she is a writer for the News Section and Section Editor for the Opinion Section.


“I’m a big plant lover and a big people person. Shoutout to my people! The cross country team, love them! Also, shoutout to my fellow plant lovers. Hit me up if you want to buy plants. I also bake and cook (a lot) and I play guitar and sing. My best
advice is to take yourself seriously, but don’t take life too seriously. College is difficult and you can make it a lot more difficult if you’re not trying when it matters.” In regards to her plans, Mikaela says that she “Will be doing her mayterm this
summer along with research. I also will be taking my LSATS and applying to law schools in the fall. I hope to be an environmental attorney with a group like Earth justice or another firm specializing in environmental law to do pro-bonos to help
those who have been societally disadvantaged. I want to use every ounce of my privilege, my education, and ultimately myself to aid the cause of our ailing world and
the perpetually disadvantaged people living in it.”

Mikaela wants to thank all of her friends and the faculty that have made her college journey cherishable. “Dr. Justin Garrison has been a mentor to me and has been instrumental in my education here at Roanoke College. Dr. Peppers, also Poli Sci faculty, was one of the main reasons I went pre-law and has been a constant supporter of my academics and my growth at Roanoke. I also have many other faculty and staff mentors who have helped me academically and in all other facets of life. These include Chaplain Chris Bowen, Tony Fazler, Dr. Hartman, and Dr. Brenzovich. Thank you!”

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!