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Tea or Coffee?

Written by Mikaela Gantz

Now, I’m aware that this is a controversial take, but just hear me out. Coffee is amazing. I love coffee, in fact I used to drink it
everyday. Then, I found tea, and my life was forever altered. Tea isn’t just one flavor. There are countless varieties and blends of

teas; from black, to jasmine, to green, to fruit teas. The list is seemingly never ending.

I also like tea because it’s just fun. It feels so relaxing to just brew yourself a cup of tea and chill out. I don’t know why but I
always associate coffee with rushing. If I’m grabbing a coffee it’s because I need energy or I need to do something. Having tea

is quite the opposite.

I was thinking about this a lot over break because I was on the Civic Engagement trip with Mahaan Govender, who is from
South Africa, and he drinks a lot of tea. I brewed tea one evening and it was fair to say the water was gray (like it is in certain
parts of campus right now). I’m not sure how it was gray, seeing as it was supposed to be a herbal tea. I guess I still need to

work on my brewing skills.

I’ve also started getting into buying the raw ingredients for tea. Instead of buying the value packs of tea, I save tons of money
and make the tea bags myself. I have a seeper and I just put some tea leaves in (my personal favorite is lavender right now) and

voila. As the semester ramps up exponentially, it’s incredibly nice to relax with a lovely cuppa.