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Fall Fashion Struggles and Solutions

Written by Allison Shaw

Anyone who loves fall fashion knows that October is the prime month to break out the sweaters, tights, and boots… unless it’s in the high 70’s and low 80’s consistently. If you’ve also been saving fall outfits to a Pinterest board all summer that now seem totally unsuited to the heat, there’s no need to worry! You can still be fashionable for fall while also beating the heat. Here are a couple ideas to convert those summer outfits into fall fashions.

First, think about color! Usually, moving into fall means a shift towards more neutral tones like browns, tans, and creams, but it also means incorporating deeper, richer shades into your wardrobe. Try finding lighter, thinner pieces in those fall colors! This might mean reaching for a maroon t shirt instead of a heavy sweater, or throwing on a pair of tan shorts. Remember that even though color trends can change with the season, don’t feel like you have to stick to those colors either. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!

Try skipping out on some of the layering that is usually associated with fall fashion, and instead gravitate towards thinner fabric. Instead of wearing a skirt with tights, wear the skirt on its own or with some cute socks. Hold off on heavy sweaters and sweatshirts and instead wear a light top with a thin cardigan or duster overtop. Dresses will also be your friend in this regard; they are a great way to look cute and put together without a lot of effort while also being breathable. If you’re really gravitating towards wearing a sweater, try finding one with a loose knit that can be worn over a tank top or camisole. Pair that with a skirt and a pair of short boots and you have a perfect fall look that won’t keep you too hot. To help achieve that layered effect without wearing anything too heavy, try also tying a sweater or sweatshirt around your waist. 

If you want to wear pants, investing in some wide leg, thinner fabric in neutral tones is a great way to bring some fall flair to your wardrobe without getting too hot. Like dresses, long skirts will also give that cozy feel while still being breathable. These can come in a variety of colors, and pair nicely with boots. 

Typically, as college students we want to dress for comfort. As the colder fall months approach us, consider investing in a comfortable pair of gray sweatpants that can be worn with any kind of top as these are quickly becoming a comfortable fall fashion staple. 

Though the persistent hot weather this late into the year can be discouraging and disappointing, there are still ways to work around it and make sure that you’re both comfortable and chic in the weather