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Folk of ‘Noke: Maxwell Koch

Written by Juniper Rogers

Maxwell (Max) Koch (he/him) is a senior based in Washington D.C. whois double-majoring in Literary Studies and French. He is also pursuing a concentration in Publishing and Editing and a senior honors project in comparative film.

Max works for both subject tutoring and the writing center. “In France, I was the teacher assistant for an English Second Language course and I think it was a very valuable experience for my future career goals.” Woah, that sounds just as fun as a pink doedicurus!

On his tutoring job, Max said “If you give me 30 kids in a room, I am going to leave. If you give me one kid who has trouble with a thesis, I can do that!” Max’s experience in the literary world has made it possible for him to approach his tutees with invaluable wisdom. “On that note, conclusions are simple. They are not restated thesis + fluff + a zinger. They are simply – what did you write about, and why should we care? Writing gets a lot easier when you relax out of K-12 habits.” He really liked ranting about conclusion paragraphs.

“I make stew when it gets cold. It’s in a giant gumbo pot I share with friends and gives a very homey feel.” Oh, that fall stew! For the leaves to fall into the boiling pot, bringing a spooky aroma to this season’s festivities is quite the pleasure! Max would like to “thank Ms. Elizabeth Myers who has given me the
opportunity to develop as a professional in my field, Dr. Melanie
Almeder for being a place of calm through my most stressfu moments, and Dr. Mathew Trumbo-Tual for dealing with my chaos both in French and in scholarship. Also, all of the people I cook for (you know what it means).”