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Maroons Talk: Seasonal Spooks

Written by Adriana Rose

In response to “What is your favorite horror movie?”
Alexis Vest ‘26 said “My favorite horror movie would be I Know What You Did Last Summer. It is probably one of the only horror films I have watched but it is so good. It has classic slasher vibes and would be a great watch for anyone getting into the Halloween season.”

In response to “What’s your favorite way to start getting into fall?” Lavender Oman ‘26 said “I am a big fan of Sweater Weather and to me getting to wear my cozy sweaters brings the fall vibes for me.”

In response to “What’s your favorite season?”
Curtis Jones ‘26 said “I love Fall because of the fashion, cool
weather, and the wonderful colors. My favorite activity in the
fall is making leaf piles and destroying them afterwards. Lastly, I
love pumpkin bread, Halloween, and my birthday.”