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New Indictment in Tupac Murder Case

Written by Hannah Guanti 

A Las Vegas grand jury has made an indictment on Friday in relation to the 1996 murder case of Tupac Shakur. The court concluded that there is enough evidence to suggest Duane “Keffe D” Davis was present at the time of the shooting. 

The murder of hip hop legend Tupac Shakur occurred in September of 1996 and until now had largely remained unsolved and conspired over. Many Americans would even say he is still alive. 

The new evidence being presented to the court include never-before-seen photos and videos from the night of the shooting and the crime scene. The evidence suggests that following an altercation between Shakur and Davis’ nephew, Davis sat front seat in a car involved in the shooting. The evidence also concluded that Davis was not the shooter. 

Davis is the only living suspect in the case, but Nevada has no statute of limitations on murder, allowing him to be prosecuted over twenty-five years later. 

The arrest came after Davis brought himself to public attention with new statements, participation in a 2018 Netflix documentary on the case, and publishing a memoir in 2019. 

This is an ongoing case but hopefully the courts will finally put the murder of this legend to bed.