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Game On: The Horror Reanimated

Written by Mateo Biggs

It’s that time of year again– or at least, a few weeks out from that time of year. Halloween has always been a favorite to many people, whether it be because they find joy in dressing up and getting together with friends, taking their younger members of the family trick-or-treating, or staying inside and simply watching scary films in order to get through the holiday. However, some people decide to spend their Halloween doing something different; rather than watching the horror, they immerse themselves in the horror until they are left sitting afraid and terrified.

In an older article– written October 23rd, 2020 –I spoke of the different subgenres of horror and games that coexisted with said subgenres. Games that would terrify and leave players fearing the shadows around them. For one of my last October publications, I will be bringing it back with newer released games that have already made a name for themselves in the digital empire. 

To start us off, many of us were on Youtube during the early 2010s– where horror videos and video games ran rampant, with “Five Nights at Freddy’s” having their film released later this month –then many will recall famous indie JRPG video games such as “Ib”, “The Witch’s House”, and “Mad Father”. These games were popularized by the gaming community, having been a few twisted games that were a special brand of twisted horror that left players breathless and shaking simply through compelling storytelling and unsettling atmosphere. 

From the branch of older JRPG horror, we find ourselves drawn to puzzle horror games– an interesting branch that has become popular due to grotesque games such as “Little Nightmares” and “Forgotten Hill”, whose games force you against enemies and time itself. Trying to survive the obstacles thrown at you and make your way through the convoluted plot that itself has twists and turns for you to parse through, see how long you last or challenge yourself with their sequels. 

Finally we make it to a relatively new mainstream horror genre; survival co-op. While an interesting concept at first, the most unique aspect is not always going against the monster, but instead going against your own teammates if it means your own survival. Games known for this include; “Phasmaphobia” and “Dead by Daylight” where your biggest challenge might be the ones you call friends.


No matter the style of horror you prefer, find a new fear this Halloween season.