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Activities to Do This Spring

by Mia Shelton

Spring has sprung, and the bees are out to say hello! The weather is becoming warmer, and outdoor activities are on the rise. This spring, set some new goals, make new friends, eat more ice cream, and remember to take pictures along the way! Here is a list of fun activities to create memories this spring season.

If you’re looking to make memories that last through the summer, gather a group of friends, and start a scrapbook! Get a group of friends that may not already know each other and create new bonds within your fondest relationships. Create a bucket list and find things to do together. Bring a camera, document the moments, and write in your favorite mementos.

If you’re looking for something to create with your hands, check the Taubman Museum of Art’s webpage for hosted events. All throughout the month of April, the Taubman is offering yoga lessons and painting lessons. Some events are free, others have a small fee.

Looking for something to do on a random day? Take a trip to the Happy Hollow Garden Park in Roanoke County. Being active is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep momentum within your daily tasks. When plants come into full bloom, share a walk with a friend and visit the flowering faces. Spending time in nature helps with our productivity and mood. Make time for yourself and nature. Going on local hiking trails like Dragons Tooth or Hanging Rock can promote group activity with a picnic at the summit. 

If you’re looking for on campus activities, try renting bikes from the library! Campus has many hills that can ensure a fun ride! Visiting the Olin Hall Gallery in between classes can help reset and calm your mind. Buy a deck of cards and create silly games with a friend or play a game of “go-fish.” Lastly, gather enough friends for a high-stake game of kickball. Send that ball flying!

Whatever you choose to do this spring season, remember to document memories along the way. Take pictures, make friendship bracelets, put yourself first, and learn to take a risk. Remember that spring blooms in your favor.