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Folks of ‘Noke; Suzanne Jackson

by Juniper Rogers

Suzanne Jackson is a senior from Scotch Plains, New Jersey and is majoring in Sport Management and Communication Studies.  Coming from New Jersey to lovely Salem, Virginia, Suzanne says “It’s important to be open and understanding how other people think.  When I moved down here, I made more of an effort to understand how other people grew up because it can have a big influence on their opinions on the world today.”

“Dunkin Donuts has superior donuts to Krispy Kreme!” she says to the question of what’s her most controversial opinion.

Suzanne went on raving about how much she enjoys community service.  “I’ve been passionate about community service my entire life.  Giving back to the communities I’ve lived in has been one of my core pillars.”  Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed service fraternity on campus has known her passion for the past four years.  Suzanne served as President of APO for the 2022 calendar year, and prior to that she served as the Vice President of service for the 2021 calendar year.  Yet another example of her commitment to the community of Roanoke is the fact that she is the Head Resident Advisor of Sections and was an RA in Beamer for her sophomore and junior years.

Suzanne’s dream job would be to serve as the Director of Community Engagement for the New York Yankees.  “I grew up watching the team with my dad, so I cherish those memories.”  Suzanne’s advice for the rest of y’all would be “College can be very overwhelming, so be sure to slow down if you need to and take care of yourself.”