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Spring Has Sprung!

by Rebecca Dance

I’ve done it, folks. I finally got to sit outside long enough to get a sunburn. I regret it a little bit, because my clothes are rubbing against it and it’s a little uncomfortable, but it also means that spring is finally here and it’s time for me to start photosynthesizing. 

It feels weird to say this at the end of March, because we had all the unseasonably warm weather early in the year that dropped into unseasonably cold weather all of a sudden and I don’t want to make any sudden claims. However, I think it’s safe to say that spring is absolutely officially here. 

Admittedly, I spend most of my day in a room with the blinds closed, so I can’t get much photosynthesizing in. However, every time I leave a building and get a face full of sunshine, I am instantly happier. In addition to that, I am now happier that I don’t eat dinner in the dark. The sun is out much longer in the evening, and it makes my days so much brighter. 

The flowers are out too! I drive past the same houses every day, twice a day, so I’ve been slowly watching their lawns change. This afternoon, I noticed that one of the houses on my drive had a yard full of wild violets and buttercups, and I was so violently happy that I accidentally honked my horn at the elderly woman gardening next door to the wildflower yard. My reaction was maybe a bit extreme, but you can feel the anticipation for spring and then summer on the air. It’s almost like I can already smell vacations and a brief respite from responsibilities. 

All I can say about this time on campus is that you should get outside whenever you can. Open your window and let in some air! Go for a walk! Go sit on any of the many benches and patios! Go on a hike! Lay outside in the grass! This campus is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in the spring, and I intend to take full advantage of it (despite my slight allergy to flowering trees).