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My Last President’s Ball

Prom or Wedding Corsage

by Rebecca Dance

This Saturday is my last President’s Ball. With a theme of “Glitz & Glam”, I’m not sure there could be a more perfect theme for me. Anybody who knows me will know that I adore being sparkly, and I can’t wait to make sure my outfit is absolutely perfect. However, shopping for that final dress was a little bit bittersweet – it’s kind of the last time I can think of that I’ll be shopping for a dress for an event like this. 

It feels like growing up: when I shop for clothes now I’m not just thinking about whether or not I’ll look good in that article of clothing. I have to think about whether or not what I’m wearing would get me dress coded in middle school. So, shopping for a dress for Prez Ball felt like a kind of final moment. And it actually is. 

This is my final Prez Ball. I’ve only been to three, since the plague came down on us during my sophomore year and Roanoke College, rightly, decided that they didn’t need to risk that massive contagion for a dance. I wish I’d had the four experiences, but I know I’m not alone across the country in knowing that I missed one year. That’s okay though – all it does is encourage me to make sure that I am as glitzy as possible for this year. If I have to leave, I’m going to do my best to go out with a bang. 

It feels fitting to start the final downhill stretch of my undergraduate years with a party. Since Spring Break just passed, we’re in the final stretch. The finish line is only just out of reach. So, on Saturday, I propose the following plan: 

We dance, we sing, we laugh, and we spend the night with our friends.