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Another Folk of ‘Noke: Peyton Lawson

by Adriana Rose

Peyton Lawson is a Freshman from Rustburg, Virginia.  She is a Psychology major looking to minor in either theatre or Spanish.  She chose Roanoke College because of the gorgeous scenery and its location.  She mentions how she loves Salem because it’s not a major city, there’s little to no traffic, and there are a lot of great food options right outside of campus. When asked about what she wants to do with her degree, she explained, “I don’t know, I’m not that good at planning that far but Psychology is a really broad topic, and it can apply to many places. I’ll find my footing as I go!”

Peyton is heavily involved in theatre here on campus and expresses how much she loves the program here.  She especially notes that Dr. Nelson Barre and Danielle Barre make the program amazing, and she loves the welcoming environment that theatre provides here on campus.  She has worked both on stage and backstage for the past two shows, Bodas de Sangre and the Importance of Being Earnest.  She explains how acting is much easier, and while she loved being the assistant manager for the Importance of Being Earnest, she much rather prefers acting and being on stage.  She states, “Acting is a lot easier, and it’s mainly focused on memorization. Being an assistant stage manager, you don’t get any time off and it is a lot of work, but the experience is worth it.”

Some advice Peyton wants to give is, “Try to put yourself out there. My first semester was hard because I didn’t get as involved. Once I got involved, I met a lot of really cool people and I now have a lot of great connections all over campus. It is a cool campus full of a lot of interesting people, so once you get out there, you’ll find some great people you’ll vibe with and it will completely change your college experience.”