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Folks of ‘Noke: Enzo Blake

by Juniper Jones

Enzo Blake is a senior from Purcellville, Virginia who is majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language with a concentration in East Asian Studies.  Enzo’s pronouns are he/they.  Enzo has taught all grades except 2nd grade and is currently student teaching as an ELL Instructor for grades 3-5 (and don’t tell anyone but he likes middle schoolers the best out of all the grades he’s worked with).

   When asked what their biggest beef with how we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is, he said “We often do not recognize the roots of it, specifically the fact that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish and he committed ethnocide.”

   One of Enzo’s most unexpected flexes is that he is chill with all of the homies on the Valley Metro Bus System.  Don’t ask why!  Enzo says, in response to the question of what he thinks of snow falling whilst the Spring flowers are in bloom, “Painful but beautiful.  Painful in the sense that we don’t get any snow day, nor do my students who desperately need one.  But it’s also aesthetically pleasing.”

   The day of glitz and glam is quickly approaching and the rush to finally get that elegant wardrobe is consuming many of us.  When asked who Enzo is wearing to the President’s Ball, he replied “I’ll probably be wearing a good ol’ experimental, Enzo-style raid of the Trans Closet.”

   As is the tradition with senior interviews, we must know what Enzo plans to do once they graduate.  He says “My hope is that I will make it through the second round of the JET Program and be able to teach abroad in Japan.  In case I don’t get in, I’m lining up interviews for the Roanoke City, Salem City, Loudoun County, and Fairfax County school districts.”