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Not Boys but Geniuses

by Karen Kohler

The Indie music supergroup consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, Boygenius, is in the midst of making its grand return.  Previously, the group had only released a singular, self-titled EP back in 2018.  There had been a lot of talk of the three creating more music together and they were often seen hanging out and even performing at each other’s shows, but they are known to actually be good friends beyond just making music together, so there wasn’t a sure conclusion.  Finally, just a couple months ago the three were seen taking photos together.  A couple weeks into January, they made an official Instagram page and announced their first full length album, titled “The Record” would be coming out on March 31st.  Along with the announcement, they released three songs: “True Blue,” “$20,” and “Emily I’m Sorry.”  “True Blue,” has Lucy singing lead, “$20” has Julien and “Emily I’m Sorry” has Phoebe.  Just a couple weeks ago, they released a fourth track, “Not Strong Enough.”  This is definitely the strongest track on the album so far as it features all their voices and blends them together with harmonies very well.  Many of their tracks just focus on one of them for the majority but this one uses all of them in a relatively equal capacity.  “Not Strong Enough” is also the first song they have made a music video for.

Boygenius will be going on tour this summer as well as playing at Coachella.  They’re doing a concert series and on their day will perform with Clairo, Dijon, and Bartees Strange.  These are at a variety of outdoor venues across the U.S. including one in D.C.  The three also did a Rolling Stone photoshoot where they recreated Nirvana’s famous shoot with their outfits and stance.  

All Boygenius members are queer women and their music, both individually and together, reflects this.  All of their music is known to be quite sad and some of it is slower, in fact “Not Strong Enough” is probably one of their most upbeat songs to date though it still touches on serious themes of mental illness, as most of their songs do.  It’s all about the balance though and hopefully their upcoming record encapsulates that, make sure to check it out and join the Boygenius train!