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Comic-Con Survival Guide

by Marisa Seager

Last month I attended the Big Lick Comic-Con, which was my very first con experience. When I went I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I do now in preparation for my next. So, I’ve decided to create a sort of survival guide for those looking to attend their first comic-con or those who could benefit from a few tips for their next one. 

First, make sure that you plan ahead. Most cons sell tickets in advance and others sell them the day of the event as well. It’s important that you figure out how you will be purchasing tickets and how soon you might need to. Along with this, you should try to schedule your activities. Typically it will say on the official website what guests will be there and on what days. It will also say what kind of activities the guest will be participating in such as signing and photo opportunities.

Second, be prepared for lots of waiting. It’s likely that you’ll not only wait in a massive line to get inside, but also to participate in the activities. These types of events are pretty packed, but coming at a specific time could save you some of the hassle.  

Third, decide on a budget ahead of time. If you’re looking to participate in activities like signings and photo opportunities, then check out the official website to see if prices are listed. Aside from the activities there will be tons of booths stocked with goodies for purchase. Do note that some vendors might only accept cash or card, so try to bring a little bit of both just in case. 

Fourth, dress comfortably and accordingly. With more people it’s likely that it’ll be hot inside the building, so do consider wearing layers that can be removed if needed. There’s also the chance that the air conditioning will be cranked up so maybe just bring a light jacket in general. Comfortable shoes will go a long way too, especially if you plan to stay for hours on end. 

Fifth, remember to have fun! There will be plenty of people dressed in cosplay so feel free to try it out yourself. If that isn’t your kind of thing then that’s totally okay! Maybe opt for a t-shirt or hoodie that relates to the types of pop culture you’ll see there (i.e., anime, video games, movies).