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Shows that Netflix Shouldn’t Have Canceled

by Marisa Seager

As we’ve all noticed by now, Netflix has a habit of canceling really good shows after only a season or two. These are some of the shows that in my opinion shouldn’t have been canceled.

Ozark – This show premiered in July 2017 and was canceled after season four in 2022. Ozark was one of my favorite shows for years and I feel like it could have had more seasons. 

Atypical – This show premiered in August 2017 and was canceled after season four in 2021. What’s not to love about Sam and the rest of the gang? It was bittersweet to see this show end.

Dead to Me – This show premiered in May 2019 and was canceled after the third and final season in 2022. I loved this dark comedy and was sad that it didn’t go further than it did.

Archive 81 – This show premiered in January 2022 and was canceled months later in March 2022. The supernatural drama had my attention from the start and was extremely hard to stop binging. I was pretty sad when I got to the end only to find out that it had already been canceled. 

Resident Evil – This show premiered in July 2022 and was canceled the very next month, August 2022. For many you either loved or hated this one, but I can say that I enjoyed it. However, I can understand what the die hard RE fans didn’t like about it.  

Of course, there are plenty of canceled shows that I miss, but these are some of my favorites. If only they would have gotten the views they needed in the eyes of Netflix so that they could have reached their full potentials!