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The Perfect Swipe

by Marisa Seager

As most Maroons know, a meal swipe is equivalent to eight dollars. But, have you noticed how tricky it is to get full value out of a single swipe? Sure, you can get whatever you’d like at Commons, but at other dining options such as Freshens, Cavern, and Rooney’s Brews it often feels like some of that money is being wasted. Well at least to me …

After countless visits to Rooney’s Brews I’ve finally figured out the perfect swipe. This is a large iced chai latte with a dairy alternative and a bagel toasted with your choice of spread. For me this means a flavored (typically vanilla) iced chai and a bagel to pair with a dairy-free spread that I keep in my dorm room. Though I do live on the edge sometimes and just get the cream cheese. 

While this might not be the perfect swipe for you, it’s definitely the perfect swipe for me. Bagels are my comfort food and also what I eat when I’m not intrigued by what Commons is serving that day. Chai lattes are my go-to when I’m looking for a boost that’s less than what a coffee or espresso-based drink would provide. 

But now I’m curious to know what other perfect swipe combinations there are. I’ll have to let you all know if I can figure out any others, but please do tell me if you find any on your own — your fellow Maroons will definitely thank you.