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Thoughts from Seventh Grade

by Rebecca Dance

Question: What are three objects that represent you?

“A soccer ball, my goalie gloves, and my hoodies.”
“My DVD copy of Platoon, my sketchbook, and my book copies of American Psycho and The Art of War.”
“My Crocs, a basketball, and my Gatorade water bottle.”
“A dog paw, a football, and the number 4.”
“My favorite shirt, my emotional support water bottle, and my bright green converse.”
“Soccer, my flute, and my book.”
“My ukulele, my volleyballs, and a bag of chips.”
“A baseball, my dad’s 2004 gray Acura, and the number 18.”
“Netflix, water, and colors.”
“An oven, a car, and a book.”
“My Harry Potter books, a paper crane or a star, and my neck pillow.”
“A shark, a spider, and a wave.”
“My bag of chips, my soda, and my phone.”
“Biggie Cheese.”