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Folk of Noke: Rebecca Dance

by Juniper Rogers

Rebecca Dance is a senior from central Massachusetts who is majoring in literary studies and english education, with a concentration in publishing and editing.  Speaking in Massachusetts, Rebecca said “They don’t call it New England for nothing!”

Rebecca is currently a semi-finalist for a Fulbright English Teaching Award (ETA).  “Last summer, I went to Guatemala to learn Spanish for my Distinction Project for the Honors Program.  I learned a lot during that trip and I hope to use that information for my time in Spain.”

Learning is the primary goal of college, right?  Right?  “I have learned that it is very difficult to cook Mac&Cheese so that it tastes good and doesn’t taste like rubber (lol).”

When asked what her proudest accomplishment was during her time here at RC, Rebecca said “I would have to say making friends while I’ve been in college.  They are wonderful and will be my friends for life!”  I know I also hope that my friendships last for many years to come!

You know the best place to find friends?  Middle school!  “I am in Roanoke City teaching 7th and 8th graders in english.  Its a lot of fun!  They have so many crazy things to say and rambunctious personalities, I hope they keep that spunk up!”

Rebecca is also involved with the BA and has developed a close relationship with Alexis, the Editor-in-Chief. When asked about Rebceca, Alexis shared, “Becca is one of the most genuine people I know. She never fails to put a smile on my face, and it gives me hope that she will be changing the world through educating future generations”.  Rebecca has made service a core part of her time at Roanoke, and she has set herself up to pursue service as a career, whether through teaching, research, or perhaps something new. 

“I would like to give a special shoutout to my friends Alexis and Suzanne and my boy Noah. Roanoke would not be the same without you!” To read more about the fantastic thoughts of Rebecca, head to the Opinion page of the Brackety-Ack!