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“Outer Banks” Returns

by Anna Tillman

It’s finally happening… the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the return of “Outer Banks”! Season 3 of Netflix’s hit series “Outer Banks” is finally being released February 23rd. Last season was a hot mess so who knows what’s to come for this upcoming season. We left off last season with a treasure hunt gone wrong… yet again. With John B’s name finally cleared for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin– him, JJ, Kiara, Pope, and Sarah were on the hunt for a lost giant golden cross. Turns out, this golden cross belongs to one of Pope’s ancestors so he had a strong drive to retrieve this treasure. However, yet again Sarah’s evil family thwarted their plans. Sarah’s brother, Rafe, was able to snatch away the golden cross right as the Pogues found it. Rafe and Ward Cameron still have the gold from season 1 and now the golden cross from season 2. 

Season 3 picks up with the typical crew being stranded on an island with a new friend Cleo after a failed attempt to retrieve the cross. It is hard to say what new drama is to come for this season. However, it is clear from the trailer that it is going to be chaotic. Many fans have theories about what could possibly happen during this season. I think everyone can agree that hopefully the Pogues finally get a win and get the treasure they are hunting for. Don’t miss the premiere this Thursday!!