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Another Folk of ‘Noke: Hunter Gall

by Adriana Rose

Hunter Gall is a freshman from Richmond, Virginia. She is currently a pre-veterinary student and is undecided about her major; however, she is leaning toward a biology major and a theatre minor. When asked about her plans after college, she explained that she wants to travel and eventually go to graduate school to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM).

In response to how the transition into college has been for her, Hunter says, “College was easy for me to get used to. However, the spring semester has been particularly hard on me. I’m working two jobs on top of rehearsal so I guess you could say my soul has been sucked pretty dry for the spring semester.” Hunter has been heavily involved in the spring semester theatre productions, both as an Assistant Stage Manager in The Importance of Being Earnest, and the role of Macduff in the upcoming production of Mac Beth. She notes, “I got into theatre as a very little girl because my dad ran a theater for my entire childhood, and I was kind of grandfathered into every program,” as how she originally got into theatre and acting as a whole. “It’s definitely hard rehearsal schedules for the Roanoke College theatre department. They take up your entire evening, not to say the experience has not been super beneficial and fun as I have enjoyed it; but it has been really hard for me to balance my other obligations on top of theatre,” she says.

Finally, talking about the production of Mac Beth, scheduled for April of 2023, she says, “The production for Mac Beth hasn’t started but it will be an absolutely exemplary play. I’m very excited to see it come to.” Hunter has become a well-involved student with many exciting things to share as an underclassman and is excited for the how the spring semester  will unfold.