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“Daisy Jones & The Six” Coming to Screens

by Karen Kohler

The next couple months are jam packed with anxiously awaited release dates.  One in particular has book and music lovers alike waiting with bated breath.  That is the series adaptation of Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, who is the woman to go to if you love dramatic, historical fiction.  This particular book chronicles the career of a fictional band that is thought to be heavily based off of Fleetwood Mac.  The first three episodes of the show come out Friday, March 3rd on Amazon Prime and the following will be released weekly.  

The book does a remarkable job of taking you into the songwriting and production process.  It even includes the lyrics to the songs in the back of the book and we will get to see these songs brought to life in the show!  Since Reid is not a songwriter herself, the songs won’t be exactly as is in the book, to the chagrin of some readers who don’t want too much divergence from the book.  However, some change is inherent in any media adaptation.  Two songs have been released already and are available on Spotify and Apple Music, Regret Me and Honeycomb, and the changes are not monumental and seem to be for the best.  Phoebe Bridgers is involved in the music production so have faith that the music will continue to be amazing.  

The actors are also a point of discussion.  Playing Billy Dunne, the male lead, is Sam Claflin, best known for his role as Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games.”  Playing the female lead, Daisy Jones is Riley Keough who is, fun fact, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter.  Also among the cast is Suki Waterhouse, famous model who’s in a long term relationship with Robert Pattinson.  You may also know her song Good Looking and she has acted in other various projects.  

As far as the story itself goes, two brothers, Billy and Graham Dunne, have been playing music together their whole life.  They start a band called The Six which yes, has six members.  Daisy Jones is simultaneously making a name for herself and the two join forces.  Both Billy and Daisy struggle with drug addiction so this is a prominent part of the story.  Billy and Daisy also have an emotional affair while Billy is already married to Camila which is an important plot point but this is not to be classified as a romance, though it is sometimes advertised as such.  This is the story of a band with all kinds of complex relationships and problems but ultimately they all want to make music that has a lasting impact, and so they do.