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The Importance of TRC’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”

by Mateo Biggs

As the 23rd of March creeps forward, so does Theatre Roanoke College’s production of Oscar Wilde’s acclaimed work; “The Importance of Being Earnest”. With Danielle Barre as director to the show, the Brackety-Ack was lucky enough to be able to garner an interview of both cast and crew from the show. 

Question: What has been the biggest challenge within this production?

Kennedy Swineford, a freshman who plays Gwendolen Fairfax, says “The fact that we are doing a full Victorian play with a 6 week rehearsal and a 4 week tech build. It’s a big show to do in 6 weeks with heightened language and big costumes– I think that has been the biggest challenge.”

Jack Santomero, a junior playing both Merriman and Lane says “we laugh occasionally and giggle because it’s really funny, so we tend to break a lot on stage.”

Question: How has it been working with the cast?

Jake Dellinger, a junior who plays Dr. Rev. Canon Chasuble, states that “Pretty fun, they’re pretty chill people and very cool, very funny as well. It’s a pretty small cast, more of an ensemble show than anything and I tend to like those shows more. Everybody gets to have their say and they’re a pretty fun cast with great chemistry.”

Ronek Chatwal, a freshman who plays Jack(Earnest) Worthing says, “Everyone has been so welcoming, friendly and warm hearted. They’re so uplifting and doing everything to help the show.”

Question: What has been your favorite part of working on this production thus far?

Heather Lowery, a freshman who plays Miss Prism, mentions that “I think making these kinds of connections with people– getting to know them better and meeting new people as well.”

Kennedy Swineford; “How far it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I’m a musical theater gal and this is the exact opposite. It’s a period piece and that’s a little nerve wracking to me– but the cast is great and we all genuinely get along. There’s never a dull moment”

Question: What reason would you give others to come see the production?

Laura Cilley, senior and stage manager says, “It’s a really funny show and a lot of hard work has gone into it, and it’s just fun!”

Heather Lowery; “It’s fun, it’s a break from normal life and it’s just so fun. You get to see a bunch of people try and act like they’re proper and upstanding when they’re not.”

Jake Dellinger; “It’s very funny. It’s a comedy of manners and this niche genre tends to make fun of the upper echelon of society, it’s an accessible taste of satire.”

Danielle Barre, director, answers, “It’s a classic story– very light hearted and comedic right between two tragic tales this selection.”