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My Least Favorite Week of the Semester

by Alexis Barton

I have always loved going back to school. When I was a kid, I was truly thriving when I got to pick out my new notebooks, meet my teachers for the first time, and meet my new classmates. As a college student though, I have come to view syllabus week with a bit of disdain. While it is a nice time to ease into the new semester, here are a few of my least favorite parts about this time of the semester. 

Perhaps most notably, with a new semester comes more textbooks toting a hefty price tag. Even when buying used books or digital editions, it still seems like the total cost of learning amounts to more and more with each semester. Shoutout to all the professors out there that are aware of this obstacle and are moving towards free resources for students!

For myself, the biggest challenge of this change is the lack of routine. I could certainly be described as a creature of habit – once I get my routine nailed down, I like to keep it the same for the most part. My usual times of getting coffee, getting meals, and going to class have all changed this semester and it has thrown me for a loop! Finding time to make sure your basic needs are being met is an inevitable challenge with the change of the semester, but it is vital to making sure you can make it through the next few months. 

As our workload starts to pick up these thoughts will quickly move to the back of our collective memory. For the time being, stay strong Maroons! Good luck as we start this new semester!