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The Ultimate Dorm Ranking

by Marisa Seager

Unlike most other students at Roanoke, I have lived in five different dorms over my time here. So, without further ado, here is my ranked dorm list. 

Coming in first place is Maxey Hall, formerly known as New Hall, which is where I lived during my junior year. During this time, I lived in a single and it was, surprisingly, pretty spacious. The showers were great and there was a study room down the hall if needed. The entire building reminded me a lot of a hotel.

Second place goes to Crawford Hall, commonly but not politely referred to as the “Crawjects,” which is where I lived during my freshman year. While it might not be the nicest dorm on campus, there were lots of memories to be made here. Plus, I did enjoy having a big bathroom and showers that had a changing room-like area.

In third place is Tabor Hall, which is where I live currently. This is my second year living in a single and again, I was given a pretty decently sized space. My only real complaint is the bathroom situation. Because my floor is occupied by mostly guys, the girls only have one bathroom stall and shower which can be pretty inconvenient at times.

In fourth place is Bartlett Hall which is where I lived for the second part of my sophomore year. I moved here because the heat went out in the dorm that I lived in before Bartlett. There isn’t much to say about this one. I don’t remember particularly loving or hating it. 

Last place goes to Smith Hall which is where I lived for the first part of my sophomore year. I didn’t live here long enough to have much of an opinion at all.