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Starting the Last Semester

by Rebecca Dance

You could take the title of this article in two directions, at first. Either I’m talking about the last semester of this academic year, or I’m talking about my last semester in my college career. The first option would be strange, because “Starting the Second Semester” would be a better title, so the second option is my unfortunate truth.

I’m hurtling towards the end, and not entirely comfortable doing it.

This last semester is plagued with uncertainties: people keep asking me what I’m going to do after graduation, or where I’m going to live, or whether or not I’m going to get married so I don’t have to live in sin (shoutout to Nana). Theoretically, I have answers to those questions, because I’m doing my job training right now in Student Teaching and I’m going to have job offers shortly.

However, I’m still not ready to let go of college. I want to hang out with my friends until the sun rises, and I want to eat plain pasta made in a dorm kitchen, and I want to go on adventures that lead to the Dollar Store Market, or get lost because somewhere between Point A and Point B the GPS signal was lost but I was determined to find the top of the mountain.
The last semester has started for us seniors.
Good luck to all of you.