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Final Semester Thoughts

by Marisa Seager

It’s hard to believe that this is my last semester here at Roanoke College before I go out into the “real world.” As excited as I am to almost be done, there are also a lot of other thoughts running through my mind. 

Here are some of those thoughts and ideas to remember if you are in your final semester like me or will be next school year. 

  • Remember to take care of your health. We have all come so far since freshman year and we shouldn’t let things like lack of sleep set us back.
  • Especially for second-semester seniors, it’s pretty common to try and fit everything in, but it’s also important to take time for yourself. Not every single hour of the day has to be scheduled. This will only make you burn out. 
  • Use every resource you have! After all, we are paying for them. This is the time to talk to your professors, ask questions, and stay fresh in their mind just in case you find yourself needing help connecting with others or a recommendation letter. 
  • You’re allowed to feel lost. Of course, you should always try to go in the right direction, but not every moment in your life has to be for the future. Live for today too. 
  • It’s okay to not move to the big city right after college. If you have the opportunity to move in with your parents or a friend, you could save a lot of money. This plan might not give you the independence you desire, but it will make this transition a lot easier.
  • Know that your success is not measured by whether or not you land your dream job right out of college. Realistically speaking, this will take most people some time.
  • There is a six-month grace period on student loans after you graduate so you will have a couple of months to figure things out. Also, take note of the ongoing attempt to rid students of debt!
  • At the end of the day, you are graduating! This is something to be proud of.