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The Art of the Roll: Critical Hit or Critical Miss?

by Mateo Biggs

As of late, the biggest source of prime entertainment has been streaming platforms online– from Disney+ to Hulu, many can agree that these sites have been a saving grace during more passive moments. Many students can definitely agree that having the ability to stream movies and shows between classes saves us from becoming too bored. However, one streaming site that has gained some traction due to its newest show has been Prime itself, purely for many tabletop fans who have watched “Critical Role” and their many campaigns.

For those who don’t know, “Critical Role” is a series online of many famous voice actors coming together to play the ever famous game of Dungeons and Dragons. With the hit voice actor Matthew Mercer(2011s “Thundercats”, 2012 “Fire Emblem: Awakening”, “Overwatch” and “Overwatch 2”, and many more) acting as Dungeon Master, it was never a surprise to see the campaigns hit it off into dramatic and funny adventures for listeners and viewers. 

Recently(as of 2022), one of their campaigns had been animated for the viewing pleasure of many avid watchers. “The Legend of Vox Machina”– referred to simply as “Vox Machina” by some –has already taken many by storm. Featuring even more famous voice actors(one such case being “Avatar: the Last Airbender”‘s Princess Azula aka Grey Griffin) and never lacking in an engaging and compelling storyline that it is no surprise it one the Golden Tomato Award. 

Luckily, after the conclusive ending to season one that kept many wanting more, “Vox Machina” has officially released its second season on Prime, with the newest episode releasing January 27th. Already filled with more glances into the party member’s backstories(especially after season one’s focus on Percival de Rolo), it is practically begging viewers to fall further into the beautiful storytelling put together by interesting campaigns. With an 8.4 stars on IMDb, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be watched– especially by those who enjoy witty humor, tension filled storylines, and characters who are easy to bond with.