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“Avatar: Way of Water”

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by Victoria McGraw

The turn-of-the-decade squeal has arrived, finally “Avatar: The Way of Water ” directed by James Cameron. This film is based off his brilliant work in the 2009 film “Avatar.” It probably took over a decade because it is a 3 hour long masterpiece. Fans have been waiting patiently for the new squeal of Avatar for over thirteen years, so you can only imagine the excitement that was in the air. With new streaming platforms now-a-days, the cinema has not seen many people especially after COVID but when Avatar 2 released it managed to crack $2 billion in tickets (Rubin, 2023). As technology rapidly advanced, Cameron used this to his advantage by furthering his skills by: playing with 3D, high frame rate, and other equipment that was not available when he first started his career.

This berserk entertaining film is nothing the fans have ever imagined, viewers will notice thematic/visual elements of “Titanic”, “Aliens”, “The Abyss”, and “The Terminator” films. In the beginning of the movie, you will go through every character’s journey/development and it might sound boring but Cameron throws in many distractions with beautiful scenes. Whether its Pandora, rain scenes or underwater scenes (which looks like an extremely new world). Cameron makes the viewers feel this world truly exists, having the best visual effects, you can see every detail in depth even in the action scenes. In a nutshell, the movie starts off with two lovebirds who formed a family, and doing everything in their power to stay together. However, they left their home to explore other regions of Pandora, running into an ancient threat that resurfaces, involving a difficult war against humans. The underlying theme that parents protecting their children and vice versa was carried beautifully during each scene . If you love action, drama, adventure, fantasy, thriller, and science fiction then this is a film you MUST watch.