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The Senioritis is Real


by Marisa Seager

Senioritis (noun): “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” (Oxford Languages)

Symptoms of senioritis include the following: a drop in grades, procrastination, not completing assignments, and a loss of interest in studies.

Yes, this is definitely my diagnosis. My fellow Maroons, the senioritis is real.

While I might not suffer from all of the symptoms listed above, I am definitely experiencing a few of them, like procrastination and a loss of interest in some of my classes. Even though I manage to get all of my assignments done, I do see a difference in my efforts in comparison to my earlier years of college. I’m just not meeting or surpassing my full potential anymore. 

The end of fall semester is sneaking up and so are all of the deadlines to meet before final exams. While I can’t wait to complete yet another semester, I lack the motivation to get there. It’s becoming harder and harder to work through assignments and put my best performance forward. 

Considering that I only have one more semester after this one, I really need to find the cure for this so-called diagnosis. How does one fight senioritis? Is senioritis real or is it just an excuse to be lazy? Either way, I need to figure it out. 

I’ve gotten this far, and there’s no stopping me now. Senioritis, I’m coming for the cure, so you better watch out.